Sunday, 6 October 2013

University Part 1

Currently I am at Leeds Trinity studying Primary Education Early Years. Obviously I want to become a Primary School teacher. That has been my dream job since I was very young. I think the thing that makes me want to be a teacher is the idea that one day I will be able to go into a primary school and make a difference. I'd love to be able to have children in my class that turn around and say that I helped them. I think that would be the greatest achievement for me.

I have to say that my course is enjoyable. Tomorrow I have P.E 10-1 and then I have TLA (Teaching Learning Assessment) 2-4. To say I'm not really an active person it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I'm a little unsure of TLA actually is because last week we looked through what the module would teach us. What I did learn was that it was telling us how we can be a good teacher. I think as the weeks go by I'll learn a lot more so I can be the best teacher I can be. I am lucky enough to get Tuesdays off. I haven't decided whether I'm going to come home Monday night or if I'm going to stay over at my flat and do some reading for Uni and baking. Wednesdays are my favourite day! Even though I have to be up early I loved the lesson! Since I'm only in 9-11 it gives me a free day to do whatever I want! Sometimes that can be a good thing if I have a lot to do! Last week it rained and I ended up baking a cake. Thursdays are a quiet day. I'm only in 2-4 for Children and their Needs. However by week 6 I'll be in 10-4. Fridays I'm in 11-1 for Curriculum and Pedagogy. After that I usually go home for the weekend so that I miss rush hour before I hit traffic. This is what happened this weekend. I always enjoy coming home after a week on my own. I think it makes me appreciate things more e.g my mum's sunday dinners!

One thing I want to do next week is on Wednesday me and the girls are planning to go to the cinema to watch 'How I live now'. That should fill my Wednesday night nicely since I will have been sat on my own the majority of the day! Thursday night I plan to come home for the Student Lock in in Halifax. It's a lot smaller than Meadowhall but I could do with a nice pair of winter boots and if I can get them a bit cheaper for being a student that would be ideal!

I'm gonna cut this short as I don't want to bore you all!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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