Monday, 26 January 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 6: A busy but exciting week ahead!

Hello Bloggers!

I just realised that I think I doubled up on Moody Monday posts last week so we certainly were very Moody! Anyhoo Monday has reared it's ugly face again and it's time to look forward to the week ahead. I have so much going on this week. It is a reading week at University and due to the lack of lectures I have OBVIOUSLY organised to do fun things during the day (whilst also leaving time to do important work and reading as well). 

Monday is going to be my lazy day. A day I can spend in my PJs watching Pretty Little Liars and starting on the huge pile of Uni work I have to do in prep for next week's lectures.

Tuesday is when I'm off to go and spend the day in my upcoming placement class. I'm in Reception this year and I am so excited to see how different it is to Years 1&2. It will bring new challenges I am sure but I'm so motivated to become more confident in this age range. 

Wednesday I have an R.E trip so it will be another early morning (boo) but I'll get to see my best friend Megan and have a good old sing song in the car (necessary)!

Thursday will be a lazy and chilled out morning/afternoon probably doing the same as I did on Monday. Then I will have to prep for a meal and karaoke evening with the girls which I'm so excited about! Snow please do me a favour and not mess this up because I've been practicing my karaoke songs and I'm ready ok?!

Friday will be a lazy morning slowly packing away my weekend things to prepare Derek (my car) and set off on my road trip to Nottingham. I will have my Sat-Nav set up as well as my Spotify playlist.

Saturday and Sunday will involve spending time with Hannah exploring Nottingham before driving home on the Sunday. I want this weekend to be filled with food, tea and wine all which are necessary for me to function relatively normally. 

So as you can see this is the most I've done so far in a week. It's ok I think we can all admit that I am so lazy and would take tea, netflix and a pair of PJs over a night out any day! Sad...but true.

Hope your week looks exciting too!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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  1. Lots of pj's there. Love jt.

    1. I think I own more pj sets than I do proper clothes!