Monday, 5 January 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 3: Tidy Bedroom, Tidy Mind

Hello Bloggers! 

It's that time of year again where I have a huge clear out after the Christmas period. After prying my eyes off my Heroes episode (which I am currently binge watching on Netflix) I decided to open up some black bin liners and get chucking!

I admit I am so not girly when it comes to my room! You would think I was the stereotypical man. However I did change that and soon started chucking away clothes that I hadn't worn in ages and instead of throwing them into the bin I've sent them to the charity shop (a much better use for them than sitting in my drawers). I always like throwing my stuff away and starting again. I hate it whilst I'm doing it but when I've finished I feel so much better. 

I never realised how much work I got from University. I've thrown so much unnecessary paperwork away and reorganised my files which makes me feel like I'm on top of things (kind of). One tip I recommend to everyone is getting yourself a cute diary! I bought mine last year however the bonus is I label the dates/months I want so that I'm not wasting weeks when I'm on University holiday. I've dated the rest of the diary which means I won't have to get a new one until next University Year which starts in September (final year ahhh). Another helpful tip I like using is my whiteboard. I invested in some beautiful berol whiteboard pens in a range of colours (ooh how teacher like of me) to encourage me to use it more often. I now use this to write down my timetable (the top right hand corner) and a to do list (left hand side) so that I know what I have to do. This worked really well for me last semester. I hated seeing the board full so I cracked on and got the work done so I could rub it off and not see it again!

I felt by throwing away some of the clothes I was motivating myself to keep to my New Years Resolution of losing a bit of weight. I've eaten so much over Christmas (necessary) but now I feel a bit groggy and a nice detox will do me good! Getting fitter will also be an added bonus as I'm starting to feel so old- aching body! Looking at some of my size 16 dresses and seeing how horrendous I looked in them. I really didn't know how to dress my body at all. I made myself look bigger. 

The unfortunate thing I find when looking for clothes though is finding something that fits my body as well as my bust. I'm 5"2 and with a DD chest I feel I'm somewhat out of proportion. What fits my middle doesn't fit my bust, however what fits my bust makes my body look unshapely and rather large. This puts me off buying clothes so much which is a shame. I'm hoping this diet may help me solve this problem allowing shopping to be fun again. 

I want to stress that I won't be stressing over this! This is my choice and I want to do this. I know my current diet isn't healthy and by making better choices I know I can feel better inside and out!

Sad to say I'm back to University tomorrow. My Christmas holidays have flown by!

 I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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