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Film Review: Me Before You

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Last weekend I was able to go to an early screening of the new film 'Me Before You'. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jojo Moyes. Unfortunately, I did not have time to read the book prior to seeing the movie, however after seeing the film I would really love to read it.

The Plot
The story focuses on two characters Louisa (Lou) Clark and Will Traynor. Will was a man who used to live life to the full, until he was hit by a motorcycle, which left him paralysed. Meanwhile, Lou lost her job at a cafe and was looking for a new job. The job centre found her a new opportunity to be a carer for a disabled man. After an interview with Camilla Traynor, she is hired. Lou and Will begin to work together and their relationship is difficult at first, however over time the pair become close and Will tells Lou that he plans to end his life. This is a really brief plot and I just don't want to share anymore with you because I think you need to watch it as this film really is about surprise in order for your emotions to just take over!

The Characters
Sam Claflin as Will Traynor. I thought this was a perfect choice and when I saw him on screen it was interesting to see him take on a new role that brought with it new challenges. He was able to take on a strong role, however enabling us as viewers to see his emotion and torment coming to terms with his situation.

Emilia Clark as Louisa (Lou) Clark.
I have not seen Game of Thrones (or any other of her works), so I had not seen Emilia on screen prior to this film. I was instantly captivated by portrayal of a bubbly, kind, loving character. She was endearing and made me connect with her and feel for her during her times of difficulty. Her eccentric fashion was fabulous and she really seemed to fit well in this role, as if she was that person in real life.

What did I think?
Throughout the beginning of the film I found myself giggling along with the rest of the audience in the cinema, as there were times of light humour among the more difficult issues. I really felt this enabled me to become emotionally involved with the characters and the hardships they faced. I really loved the role of Lou and her character and personality. Her fashion sense was fantastic and really made me love her all the more. I got really excited when I saw Lou and I had the same daisy earrings at one point and I was weirdly wearing them that day. By the end of the movie though I did find myself in tears as was the majority of the cinema. I had to share my tissues with the lady who was sat next to Scott. I was quite shocked by how long I was crying for, I just couldn't stop! It really showed how fantastic the acting was, as it was so believable I really felt connected to every decision they made, and wished the ending could've been different!

I am rating this movie 4/5 stars. It was a mix of sad and funny moments, which enabled the audience to feel connected to the characters and become emotionally invested in the story they were retelling. I think Sam Claflin portrayed the role of Will perfectly, really enabling me to understand how some people really struggle to cope with coming to terms with paralysis. Not everyone is able to overcome their feelings towards this and although a hard story to tell I feel it was interesting to understand why he felt the way he did. On the other hand, it would have been beneficial to see someone embracing the change to their life and making the most of it as many people today are able to lead full lives with their life changing injuries. It was difficult to see Will make the decision to end his life when not giving himself more time to see what he could've been able to do. Emilia Clark was just as lovable on screen as she is off it. She really made me sob as I watched the final scenes. It was a fantastic portrayal of a strong but sensitive character. Fantastic work and I would definitely see this film again.

I have seen the media attention that this film has received both good and bad. I see both sides of the argument and by no means am I taking sides with either argument. I do agree however that it would be more beneficial to see disabled stars on the big screen portraying roles such as this one. By Hollywood doing this it would allow the audience to gain a true picture into the life of a disabled person and the choices they make. This film shows just one choice (choosing to die). It would have been inspiring to see the character of Will explore all the things he could do and that just because he couldn't his life was over. It definitely raises some complicated issues and conversations with people. However I really see this as a positive as we can move forward and discuss these issues together.

If you go to see this film please let me know what you thought! Make sure you take tissues with you. Me Before You is out in cinemas on June 3rd.

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