Friday, 24 January 2014

Happy Happy Happy

It's Thursday and it's fair to say I have got my Friday feeling a day early! I have been such a happy bunny recently. This week has been such a good one for me I feel so much more confident and more able to just get on even when things would've usually got me down. I've been to the gym when I really just wanted to sleep on the sofa, I've met up with someone even when I didn't want to get out of my pjs and looked after my best friend even when seeing her in tears makes me feel utterly useless. So yeah it's been a good and busy week for me and I have lots more plans for the weekend! I have movie night tonight with the girls, I have a babysitting job on Saturday with Zoe and it gets better because next week I am off to PARIS. This is a place I have wanted to visit for ages and I can't wait to finally explore all the sights I have been dying to see. I want to see Notre Dame, I want to go to the Louvre, I want to take a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower- all the touristy things really! The only downside is I have to go and watch a rugby this may be great for some of you but I'm just not into sport and I can't wrap my head around it. On a plus note Dad has put me in charge of organising what we do in the day so at least I get to see the sights of my choice!

Friday morning 09:46
Road trip with Zoe was longer than expected hence why I am trying to finish my blog this morning.
*Megan puts on 'Ain't it Fun' and jumps around my flat while Zoe eats toast*
We went to Costco and Makro yesterday and I have to say these places were like a huge funhouse! We met Zoe's parents while we there which was nice because parents always like me. God knows why! After visiting Costco we went to pick up Megs from her house in Bramley and traffic was awful going through Leeds (shock there). After sitting in the car deciding what we were going to eat Zoe suggested that she would buy us a McDonalds so us classy birds made our way back to my flat to watch Pitch Perfect and stuff our faces with shed loads of food. Even though I hate mornings and I have English (2-4pm) today I can safely say I am such a happy bunny and nothing could possibly spoil my mood!

I shall leave you now as we're listening to Paramore- Fast in My Car.

"The rest is still unwritten"


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tom Odell- Long Way Down

This past week I have been in my car a lot! We all know that with car journeys come music playlists! This week's car journeys have been focused on Tom Odell's album 'Long Way Down'. His album has most definitely been on repeat almost everyday and I have to admit this is going to be added to my favourite album's list! 

'Grow Old With Me' is a lyrically perfect song which demonstrates a relationship people would like to have that lasts for a lifetime. Wherever you are when you're listening to this song I can guarantee you can connect with the lyrics and for me it makes it an intricate and flawless song to be enjoyed by all. 

'Another Love' is probably one of Odell's well known songs. It is still one of my favourite tracks of the album the meaning is pretty clear and one which I think many can relate to. This person has been hurt badly in a previous relationship, and because of this is unable to love and show care in his present one, even though he so badly wants to. It's a lovely but emotive song, one where you connect with the character created as you feel how defeated and frustrated he is with himself.

My top songs off the album will have to be 'I know' and 'Can't Pretend'. These are songs that actually make me cry because I can relate to emotions created in both songs. Yes it hurts when songs evoke certain responses from you, however it is good to have something that can help you have an outlet for that emotion. I listen to these songs when I'm feeling a little down in my car and singing along can sometimes be the best cure for being down if I'm honest. Odell's voice is almost haunting (but in a good way). He can be delicate but powerful in his performances and I think the whole album has really showcased what he can do to all of us. 

If you managed to get tickets for his tour I can tell you that I am VERY jealous and wish I was lucky enough to be able to see him. He is one of those artists that every song I get lost in. I always will be honest about songs and albums I listen to. If you are looking for an album I would highly recommend you buy this one! I bought 'Long Way Down' when out in Leeds in HMV for £4.99 so it was a steal and I would've paid more. 

"The rest is still unwritten"


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Representing Leeds Festival 2014

Hey Guys,

Exciting news for me is that I will be representing Leeds Fest this year. What this means is that I will be helping to sell more tickets for the festival involving me to see people ticket vouchers or asking people to use my link when buying a Leeds Fest ticket this year. I'm really excited to be representing this festival and hopefully some of you can use my link and buy some tickets so you can go and enjoy the festival this year. I'm working with We Represent to promote the festival and we work to promote different events everywhere not just festivals! I can assure you that Leeds is always a good festival to attend as I have lots of friends who have attended each year. So far I have access to pre sale vouchers and tickets at the end of January these will end and the general sale will begin. The key thing is to remember that you need to get your hands on Pre-Sale tickets and give yourself the opportunity to attend the festival at a discounted price. 

Alternatively if you would prefer to wait until the next announcement of acts then you could wait until the end of the pre sale before the general sale begins. At this stage I am told that the start of the general sale will coincide with another announcement of acts set to take to the stage at Leeds Festival.

Leeds Festival is always a great weekend so don't miss out while the tickets are cheaper.

My Ticket link:

My twitter: @Megsiemay95 (if you have any questions)


Would really appreciate it if you did use my link when buying your tickets!!

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Embarrassing moments

I was thinking about all the embarrassing moments I've had throughout my 18 years and it's fair to say I am the clumsiest person ever! Of course I've fallen up the stairs, fallen over my own feet and walked into doors but apart from acting like Mr Bump from the Mr Men some of my more embarrassing moments were not actually injuries and more unavoidable events.

Embarrassing moment 1
On a school trip to Flamborough head my teacher decided he wanted a photo as a group near a rock arch. Now I was perched on a rock to the side with my friends but he wanted us to spread out and I ended up stepping in a seaweed bog...nice. Instead of climbing back on the rock I decided to run through the seaweed arch to the other side...where I got stuck. I couldn't find a way back round. Instead I decided to walk around the back on the search for another exit. I finally saw my friends who had come to get me through some stepping stones. I followed them back and my friend pulled my hand which made me slip and fall flat on my face. I was soaked...and my bag was full of water- not fun! I had laughed it off as best I could but someone must have told the rest of the groups at the top because when I reached the top of the steps to get to the top everyone began laughing at me. It was awful (I can laugh about it now) but then I was crying because I hate being the centre of attention especially when a lot of other people hated me there. Now I can look back on it laughing at how naive I was to bother caring about it. I mean the geography teacher said I literally 'threw' myself into geography- funny joke eh?

Embarrassing moment 2
On another geography trip we were taken to Sheffield to conduct questionnaires for our assessment projects. I was having trouble finding people that would be willing to answer my questions but soon found a lovely old lady who would chat to me. However when I was crossing over to her I accidentally bumped into a woman who shouted at me for being so careless even though I apologised straight away. She stormed off while I picked up my scattered papers and began talking to the lady. We were laughing about something (can't remember what exactly) and the woman who I had previously bumped into turned around and started shouting at me. "Find something funny do you? Want me to come and wipe that smile off your face?". The woman was clearly on something as I hadn't really done anything so bad! She started walking over to me and the lady I was conducting the questionnaire with waving her umbrella at me. Luckily the old lady stepped in and said we were laughing about a joke and not about her. The woman sighed and stormed off back up the street swearing and yelling. I swear I have so much bad luck.

I can kinda understand why I went off geography trips!

My 18th birthday was embarrassing and mental. I was wearing heels that I clearly couldn't walk in (I'm a girl who wears converse on a night out) and I kept falling over. My friend Lucy decided it would be a good idea to give me a piggyback to the next club. I got up and then we immediately collapsed on the floor. I think my foot was really bruised underneath- TERRIBLE! It hurt loads. A lot of guys walked past cheering and we couldn't stop laughing. Definitely a funny but embarrassing moment!

But embarrassing moments come in all different forms. I've been embarrassed when telling someone how I feel about them, embarrassed when meeting a new person for the first time and it didn't go exactly to plan and embarrassing moments when you drink far too much and can't remember a night out (this HAS happened to me) but everyone has the images and videos to prove it (thanks guys). As cheesy as it sounds these awful moments shape who we are and some can be mistakes that we learn from. So do tell me guys what embarrassing moments have you had? Anything that wasn't funny but is now? Let me know if you really want.

"The rest is still unwritten"


Friday, 10 January 2014

House Hunting and cocktails

This week has been a busy one! Every day I've been out with my mum house hunting around Leeds. I think we must've looked at 40+ houses and to be honest I'm feeling housed out! I have seen some lovely houses and now know where I want to be (Farsley, Calverley, Rodley) well those are my favourite areas. 

Seeing houses have made me realised that Zoe and I will be moving in sooner than we think and that is so exciting! I can't wait to move in with Zoe because then at least I won't be living on my own anymore so I will no longer be lonely! 

Since mum and I have been on the road more this week this also means that we've been listening to more music. Have to admit that I am venturing back into the 90s listening to 5ive! Now I know they were cheesy but I can;t help but have a soft spot for them. Of course I watched the Big Reunion and I loved that they got back together (even if there were only four of them). I think I'm going to have to buy their greatest hits album on ebay! 

Last night Rais and I went to TGI's for cocktails and food. Found a new love for cocktails- I had a Walk In The Tropics and a Pina Colada. I think my favourite was the Walk In The Tropics. I ordered Cajun Spiced Quesadilla's and they were amazing! We went for a drink in spoons and of course it would be rude not to have a double malibu and coke! Called it a night and I was home by 9ish. 

My 'Walk In The Tropics' cocktail.

I've loved being home for Christmas and New Year and I kinda don't want to go back to Uni when I'm so used to being home but I think it will be good for me to get back in to a routine and get away from some people in Halifax. I'll be returning to Uni on Monday so hopefully I'll have some more updates for you soon! I know I need to blog more! I'll be starting a Uni diet and going to the gym more and hopefully I'll be getting some physio to help with my arms, back and neck. 

"The rest is still unwritten"


Sunday, 5 January 2014

The first steps of 2014

So we've only had 5 days of 2014 and it's fair to say I've had my fair share of highs and lows already. I met up with a guy the other day (I dunno if we called it a date), finally opened up about my feelings, became further confused about those feelings when he replied, became more anti-social, developed an unhealthy addiction with sims and listened to fall out boy 'Death Valley' on repeat daily.

I knew 2014 was going to start off badly when I found I was spending New Years Eve on my own. I mean how many people can say that they had their New Year's kiss with their dog (I can). 

New Years Resolutions? 
1. Get fitter- begin to eat healthier when starting back at uni. Go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. 
2. Socialise more- it's quite clear I need to make more friends! 
3. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE YOU LAZY ANIMAL- self explanatory.
4. When given Uni work don't leave it till last minute do it straight away.
5. Move in with Zoe.

So 2014 is set to be pretty big for me. I have some plans I want to set in motion and hopefully I'll find a way to do these things! I have found a new love for Lauren Aquilina and Orla Gartland. I'm hoping I'll be either able to interview them or at least attend their gigs! No doubt I'll try and drag Rais along to be photographer. I have day trips set up with Rais this year as well as birthday and Christmas presents. We're going to a photography show in Birmingham in March and Liverpool whenever we choose.

Christmas was ok but if I'm honest I felt the christmassy feeling was missing. I bought myself a Sat-Nav, worked to complete my Sims 2 game collection, I had to endure the Justin Bieber movie because Zoe didn't have anyone else to go with. If I'm honest it didn't change my opinion on him and some of his fans were absolutely mental (high pitch squealing and crying isn't great for the ears). 

Hopefully 2014 will get better...

"The rest is still unwritten"