Saturday, 11 January 2014

Embarrassing moments

I was thinking about all the embarrassing moments I've had throughout my 18 years and it's fair to say I am the clumsiest person ever! Of course I've fallen up the stairs, fallen over my own feet and walked into doors but apart from acting like Mr Bump from the Mr Men some of my more embarrassing moments were not actually injuries and more unavoidable events.

Embarrassing moment 1
On a school trip to Flamborough head my teacher decided he wanted a photo as a group near a rock arch. Now I was perched on a rock to the side with my friends but he wanted us to spread out and I ended up stepping in a seaweed bog...nice. Instead of climbing back on the rock I decided to run through the seaweed arch to the other side...where I got stuck. I couldn't find a way back round. Instead I decided to walk around the back on the search for another exit. I finally saw my friends who had come to get me through some stepping stones. I followed them back and my friend pulled my hand which made me slip and fall flat on my face. I was soaked...and my bag was full of water- not fun! I had laughed it off as best I could but someone must have told the rest of the groups at the top because when I reached the top of the steps to get to the top everyone began laughing at me. It was awful (I can laugh about it now) but then I was crying because I hate being the centre of attention especially when a lot of other people hated me there. Now I can look back on it laughing at how naive I was to bother caring about it. I mean the geography teacher said I literally 'threw' myself into geography- funny joke eh?

Embarrassing moment 2
On another geography trip we were taken to Sheffield to conduct questionnaires for our assessment projects. I was having trouble finding people that would be willing to answer my questions but soon found a lovely old lady who would chat to me. However when I was crossing over to her I accidentally bumped into a woman who shouted at me for being so careless even though I apologised straight away. She stormed off while I picked up my scattered papers and began talking to the lady. We were laughing about something (can't remember what exactly) and the woman who I had previously bumped into turned around and started shouting at me. "Find something funny do you? Want me to come and wipe that smile off your face?". The woman was clearly on something as I hadn't really done anything so bad! She started walking over to me and the lady I was conducting the questionnaire with waving her umbrella at me. Luckily the old lady stepped in and said we were laughing about a joke and not about her. The woman sighed and stormed off back up the street swearing and yelling. I swear I have so much bad luck.

I can kinda understand why I went off geography trips!

My 18th birthday was embarrassing and mental. I was wearing heels that I clearly couldn't walk in (I'm a girl who wears converse on a night out) and I kept falling over. My friend Lucy decided it would be a good idea to give me a piggyback to the next club. I got up and then we immediately collapsed on the floor. I think my foot was really bruised underneath- TERRIBLE! It hurt loads. A lot of guys walked past cheering and we couldn't stop laughing. Definitely a funny but embarrassing moment!

But embarrassing moments come in all different forms. I've been embarrassed when telling someone how I feel about them, embarrassed when meeting a new person for the first time and it didn't go exactly to plan and embarrassing moments when you drink far too much and can't remember a night out (this HAS happened to me) but everyone has the images and videos to prove it (thanks guys). As cheesy as it sounds these awful moments shape who we are and some can be mistakes that we learn from. So do tell me guys what embarrassing moments have you had? Anything that wasn't funny but is now? Let me know if you really want.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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