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Moody Monday's Volume 23: My 21st Birthday

Hello Lovely Readers

My 21st birthday was on the 21st of April and I can honestly say it was the best day ever! I woke up at 6am as I had an early start at Uni. My boyfriend had sent me to bed early so that I couldn't see what was downstairs, so when I woke up I was so excited to go and see what he'd done. Scott had blown up loads of balloons and put up lots of banners and wrapped all my presents ready for me to open. I begged Scott to come downstairs so that I could start opening them. Suddenly I was wide awake for once at 6am! 

After making a cup of tea it was time to start unwrapping presents. I got some lovely PJ's from Scott's parents. I love my PJs so I was definitely pleased to get a fancy new pair. I also had a huge 21st badge from Scott, as well as cards from him and his family. I was so excited to open up the other presents, especially the huge box, but I restrained myself and left it till last. I opened up the smallest of the presents from Scott first. It was a beautiful charm from Pandora that he'd picked out himself. I really loved the charm because it had specks of my favourite colours (turquoise and green). It's colourful but understated, which I definitely like!

Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball Charm from Scott.
Now it was time to rip open the wrapping paper on the big box. I had no idea what it was. As I started ripping off the wrapping paper I saw the name on the side of the box. 'Kitchen Aid'. Now for those of you who've noticed I'm a keen baker and I was dying to own a Kitchen Aid mixer ever since I moved into my house and the kitchen was finished. I couldn't believe Scott had bought me a bloody mixer. How many boyfriend points does he get for this?! 

Fits into my kitchen perfectly!

I was so excited I never wanted to let it go! Did you know these things are really heavy?!

This mixer is my new baby. I've never been one to get emotional at stuff on my birthday, but I literally couldn't stop crying all day. Everything was perfect. A sign I'm getting older probably...or that Scott has made me all mushy and soft. Couldn't thank Scott enough for knowing me enough and spoiling me on my birthday. He's literally made me feel so special. After munching on some birthday crumpets and watching Good Morning Britain, it was time to head off to Uni. I share the same birthday as the Queen so she was dominating the headlines. Where was my shout out?! 

Got birthday badges off Megan and Scott.
I'm not usually one who loves the early morning starts at Uni, however this morning I was particularly chipper. I'd made rainbow cupcakes the night before so strolled into my lecture with 3 tubs in tow. After listening to the speakers telling us about various jobs and future employment opportunities the second set of speakers came in and my friends told them it was my birthday. He made me stand up and face the whole lecture theatre whilst everyone sang 'Happy birthday' to me. I was really embarrassed, but it was really funny at the same time.

Charm from my Mum and Dad.
(Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm)
After my afternoon lecture got cancelled (birthday luck), I headed home to see my parents. The weather was beautiful and I was in such a good mood. I gave cupcakes to my parents and sat down to have a cup of tea, whilst I opened my presents. They had bought me a beautiful charm I'd pointed out in Pandora. The Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm. It's really pretty and has small splashes of pale pink spread around the charm itself. There are lots of beautiful intricate details on it, I thought it was a lovely present. Mum and Dad had also got me an oven glove and matching apron for my kitchen. Was definitely needed, as I was currently trying to lift things out using tea towels.

Earrings from my brother Max.
(Poetic Blooms Stud Earrings)
After shopping for my birthday party, which was happening on the Saturday I went to pick up my little brother. We were going out for a meal to Botafogo in Huddersfield, but Max let me open my present first. He had bought me a pair of earrings from Pandora (pictured above). I love flowers so these were a fabulous addition to my jewellery box, as I hadn't got a pair of earrings before.

Botafogo in Huddersfield
In the evening we all went to Botafogo for some much needed food! It's a Brazilian restaurant that operates on an 'all you can eat' basis. You have a card, which is for 'stop' and 'go' of when you want more meat. They come round with big kebab sticks of meat and they carve it for you at the table. It's all cooked on BBQ's and there's a huge range from steak to sausages and chicken. My favourite is the gammon and they have garlic mayo and I have loads of that with it. You get 3 sides; beans, rice and chips. If you finish these you can have them refilled whenever you need. It's a really great value restaurant for the money. If you're ever in Huddersfield it's definitely worth a visit!

Birthday dessert
I had such a fantastic birthday and I was so thankful to my fabulous family and friends and boyfriend for spoiling me. Really enjoyed myself. I will post some more stuff on my Instagram soon, the link is below if you want to see more from me.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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