Saturday, 21 September 2013


Something I want to do next is start making YouTube videos. I found out today that someone I went to school with Emma Pickles was a YouTuber and she regularly made videos. She is someone who does make up and hair tutorials mostly! 

Seeing people on YouTube like Emma has made me want to make videos myself. It pushes me on and makes me think that I can do it! However, I guess I'm scared. I'm worried people won't like my videos! I guess I'm just looking to see if there's anyone who reads these blogs that would watch my videos? If you would please please please write me a comment and give me ideas/suggestions. I know making videos will help my confidence and expand into a world I want to be a part of! 

In other news...I am settling into my new flat well. Sometimes I regret living on my own but I like having my own space sometimes. For now no more regrets! My Internet and tv are up and running so when I get spare time which will most likely be on a night I will write my blogs which hopefully will be everyday! 

Thank you so much again for reading my blog I really am grateful! 

"The rest is still unwritten" 


Friday, 20 September 2013

Swim Deep Gig

As usual Swim Deep were amazing! First act on was circa waves. As my friend Rais pointed out they sounded a bit like Two Door Cinema Club! I thought they were pretty good!

Up next was the much anticipated Wolf Alice. Rais and Tasha had told me good things about this band and I have to say I was more than impressed! They were so good, when they have a headline tour I will definitely be buying tickets! 

Finally at 9.30 Swim Deep came on stage! The crowd were more than ready and soon the mosh pits began! Now being small being stuck isn't the best thing! So I stuck to the side and enjoyed the music. Honey will always be my favourite song and it always sounds good live! Their cover of 'Girls just wanna have fun' was really good. It was my first time hearing it live and I thought the arrangement sounded so cool! Pretty sure you'll be able to check their cover out online either on YouTube, Soundcloud or Grooveshark etc. 

Overall the gig was fab! The final song was King City and as usual everyone went crazy! The atmosphere was electric and I was reminded how much I missed going to gigs! I will definitely have to book more gigs. If you get chance to buy tickets for Swim Deep...DO IT! They don't disappoint! 

Wolf Alice and Circa Waves came back on stage with Swim Deep to play together during the encore and it was fab! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


P.S. Sorry for the late blog only just got my Internet installed!

Monday, 16 September 2013


After today hasn't gone to plan with the flat I thought I write a blog on a subject I was planning to do next week, however I'll write this now! 

I'm 18 and it's safe to say I still act like a 5 year old! This goes for fears as well. I'm still scared of spiders. However, since I'll be living on my own I have started to make myself kill the spiders instead of catching them and then panicking about what to do. In the end I usually end up calling my mum to come and kill it! I used to be scared of the dark and in a way I have conquered this fear. To not be scared I have to be sandwiched in between teddies and pillows. My brain thinks that I'll be safe should anything happen! 

One thing I also used to have severe problems with we're nightmares. I haven't fully gotten rid of these, but they have become bearable. When I was younger I was involved in a car crash with my mum. We were fine it was nothing major, however I thought my mum had died. Every night after I wouldn't sleep and I would run screaming into my parents room thinking my mum was dead. I began falling asleep at school and in the end I was sent for a counselling session. I don't really remember the crash or the counselling so I guess you could say it was a success. Through the courts I did get some compensation which I then got on my 18th birthday. This is helping me for University. I guess you could say that something that was bad turned out to be good in the end. 

Now I have my own flat I am a little nervous and scared about sleeping on my own. I don't like being in a house on my own so that will take some getting used to! 

I was texting a friend last night and we briefly mentioned fears. Do any of you still have fears? If you want to comment your fears below feel free and I'll read and comment. We shouldn't let our fears rule us! We can be strong even with our fears! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Moving Day Part 3


Phew! Only just got into bed after a mad day! This morning was pretty lazy and I really thought I would achieve nothing! However, that is not the case as I have finally, after a week of avoiding it, packed my room up ready for my belongings to be taken in my car to my flat. I have 2 suitcases, make up box, tv, 2 lamps, shoe box and a few other items to load into my car ready for the journey to Horsforth. 

My head has just hit the pillow as I'm writing this on my iPhone today. I can not even think about moving, I am literally that tired! Unfortunately tomorrow I have A LOT to do! I have to load the car up, sort out broadband, drive to Horsforth, unpack and put away everything, do the food shop, spend some time with my auntie and cousin and get everything ready for Abz's visit to my flat. I also am planning on doing my first vlog to upload onto my YouTube channel. Now I don't know when this would be uploaded but it will most likely be when my Internet is installed which could be Tuesday/Wednesday! Hopefully my brother will be able to help me set it up as my dad is working back in London. When Abz is visiting I will also be vlogging as well! Might even do a video challenge, I'll see how camera friendly I'm feeling! 

I'm so excited for University now! Seeing everyone move away and update their status' and photos showing their freshers only makes me more excited! However, with it being my first night in my flat tomorrow I'm a little nervous! I'll be fine when I've slept there once it's just the first time! I can't wait for you all to see my journey through University and I hope you continue to read my blog! I have a lot of exciting things coming up! 

Remember "the rest is still unwritten" 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Moving Day Part 2


Love my new home! So happy! I want to move in properly tomorrow but I need to go and pack all my clothes. I've started packing but I get bored so easily.

I'm determined to crack on and get finished tomorrow as the sooner I finish the sooner I move in!

Lots of exciting things coming up this week! Maybe a visit from my bestie Abzigail (a.k.a abzfabz), swim deep gig and beginning freshers! Phew scary but exciting stuff! 

Sorry that this blog is a little short! I bought a curry from asda watched pitch perfect and had a relaxing night cause I feel as if I'm suffering from sleep deprivation! Tomorrow will be my first lay in for ages! Can't wait!

"The rest is still unwritten"


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Moving Day: Part 1

Here's how I plan to write this blog. I'm writing this entry at certain points of the day (whenever I get a spare minute) sort of like a diary. That way I feel it'll make this particular blog a bit more interesting! Well it's something I haven't done yet so here goes nothing! 

Thursday 12th September 


Post move. Currently I'm feeling excited but a little nervous. I'll be honest I really don't want to move because I'm so happy here with my family and I'm really going to miss my dog. I know it's only in Leeds but it's a MASSIVE change! Being small as I've mentioned before I feel I've always acted younger than I actually am. As a result this move seems really daunting. Plus mum admitted the other day that she was going to miss having me around all the time. That made me feel worse cause I love her to bits even though we fight a lot! Oh dear got a few tears in my eyes now! I swear since I started writing this I've become an emotional wreck over the Internet! Ah well! Chin up Megs. I know deep down I can do this, this may be hard but it's just having the courage to take that first big step and in a few weeks I'll be in a routine and it'll be normal. I have to start growing up (yeah right). 

I've already made one grown up decision. I've decided that I am capable to drive over to my flat tomorrow following my mum. I'm not a big risk taker when driving, hence why I probably haven't tackled motorways yet! But I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and so far with regards to my driving that has been a good thing! Anyway before I ramble I'll end this section here!

Friday 13th September


Knackered. I haven't even been to the flat yet! So far dad's flight back to the UK was delayed due to thunderstorms, his train connection cancelled and mum has had to go and get him from Manchester airport. I had to find the tortoise some food. During the hunt for leaves outside Bob decides to run off and chase our cat Ginger into next doors land. I was so mad at him! I had to run and grab him cause he wouldn't leave the cat alone! So I've finally collapsed on the sofa after a hectic morning and really my day hasn't even begun yet. Turns out we're moving furniture tomorrow instead of today! Oh and to add to everything I couldn't find my Swim Deep tickets. Turns out after rooting through the bins my dad had thrown them away when he was tidying up and hadn't looked in the envelope properly! Update to follow later today! 


I'm shattered. I have just fallen into bed after a busy, stressful and hectic first day. Not everything went to plan as there were a few hiccups with regards to my flat. However, these problems were soon sorted out by my lovely new landlord! I've met one of my neighbours who seems really friendly. I've also spoken to a local man who told me about the shops and cheeky wine bars in the area-woo! 

I've cleaned my kitchen and unpacked everything so it's ready for my furniture to be moved in tomorrow! 

My kitchen

I'm so happy with it so far! Worried about all this furniture fitting in tomorrow! Please please pleeeeease fit in!!!!

"The rest is still unwritten" 


My Journey To University: Volume 3


After the disasters of yesterday I have FINALLY sat down! Yesterday I was told the bed I was promised for my new flat was going to be given to someone else. I was so stressed and mad because this was 2 days before I was moving! However, my auntie came up today and together with my mum we went on a search for a bed. We started at 11am and we didn't find one till 2.45pm! We'd been round all the shops and not found one cheap enough. Although when we went to The British Heart Foundation furniture shop we found a sofa, a mirror, a bed all to kit out my new flat!


Cannot explain how relieved I feel right now. God knows why I feel relieved when I haven't even packed up any of my room yet! Tomorrow is Moving Day: Part 1. I have to say now I've got majority of my furniture sorted I can relax and just enjoy tomorrow instead. 


We went to La Luna for lunch today and I have to say it was beautiful! Mum and my Auntie had pasta with crabmeat and my auntie had prawns in it as well. I had lamb shank with bubble and squeak mash and parsnip crisps. it was amazing. When I saw one of the deserts was Homemade Creme Brûlée I HAD to try it! Probably one of the best desserts I have had in a long time! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who lives near Halifax! It's under the arcade and it's worth a try! 

Creme Brûlée:


My auntie gave me a desk to sand down and paint for my new flat. It's not the best paint job, however for my first go at doing something like this I'm pretty proud of myself! 



Anyway I shall update you on my adventures tomorrow and let you all know how it goes! 

"The rest is still unwritten" 


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My Journey To University: Volume 2

I'm currently feeling really proactive! I'm moving on Friday/Saturday and all I can think about is cooking in my new home! Instead of taking cook books I've been sat on my laptop for 2 hours printing recipes. I really hope I can be a good cook as I want to have a few friends over before I start University.

Abz said she will come over and visit me in my new flat. I'm planning to make some dinner and get a few bottles of wine in. I think she will be the person I miss the most, so having a small, cosy, girly sleepover before we get into the thick of Uni seems plausible.

If anyone has any recipes they can recommend I'll try them. I am picky but I promise that I'll try them! Just leave me a comment below!

So this blog is written in advance as today (Wednesday) I'll be picking up furniture for my new flat from my Auntie. I'll be honest and say that I am dying to have a lie in, however I can't see me getting one till Sunday (maybe). Then again even if I'm moved in I'll need to sort other jobs out (organising broadband for my home).

Cannot tell you how excited I am! Here's everything I have bought (well what I've taken photos of so far)! 

Sainsbury's had some fab deals on notepads and good quality coloured pens! Everything was half price which I thought would definitely help with the uni budget! Think altogether these totalled to under £10 for 2 spiral notebooks, project book (usually £5.50!), berol pens and papermate biros! Great bargain! 

My next fave place is IKEA! 
Dish drainer for when I've washed up all my cutlery etc. This was so cheap! 

Cutlery set which was a little bit more expensive but was cheapest out of other sets and it was nicer! This should keep me going for a few years! 

Extension cables! Something I can't stress how useful these will be to tech lovers out there! If you're going to need a lot of plugs remember your uni rooms won't have a lot! Maybe four at most! If you're a gamer you'll most likely need the extra sockets to plug your console in etc! These were in a deal I think 2 for £4? Not sure don't hold me to that price!! 

Cute little cheese grater think this was £1.50? Really useful especially with the container! It also has a tub lid that you can seal the cheese off and refrigerate and use for another time! Fab essential if you're going to be cooking!

My new toy for washing up time! This jazzy scrubbing brush is fab and think it was 90p from ikea! The sucker at the end allows it to stand up on the sink! So much fun I'm sticking it all over the house as it makes a funny noise when you rip it off...yeah I'm childish.

Nice cutlery holder just to keep it tidy on my bench. Really can't wait to decorate my house now!

Finally fridge magnets my mum picked up. They're clips so gives a bit more security when hanging papers or pictures! Thought these would be really handy and a fab idea! 

I have to show you this! A 13piece dining set I found in a charity shop for £4.99! It's a bargain and all the money went to a good charity! Lots of charity shops near my new flat so I will be spending most of my time in there!! 

Anyway hope some of these ideas helped you decide what you need for uni! The more money you save before the more you'll have to spend in freshers week!! 

"The rest is still unwritten" 


Update of recent events

Firstly, I'll apologise for my posts not being as regular as I would like. It's been a hectic few weeks if I'm honest! I move in 3 days and I'm beginning to panic!

Dad's in New York so I'm having to sort out all the details with Mum, which is fine, but Dad understands what really needs doing. I have to say I am excited to move to my new flat. I'm ready for the independence if I'm honest. As I'm vertically challenged (small) I feel that I've always acted younger because of it. I mean I still have teddies in my bed! However, in my defence double beds are big for someone like me and it gets cold and lonely so it seems only right that I should have teddies to fill up that extra space! Now the realisation has hit that I'm moving so soon. It's scary!

The house has become a dumping ground for all my University stuff. I just can't wait to fill the flat with all my stuff it's dead exciting! Pots, pans, cutlery, plates and other kitchen essentials are currently balancing on the kitchen sideboard. My microwave, kettle, toaster etc are shoved behind the sofa! I think my mum and dad will be relieved when these are moved Friday and Saturday!

I'll also be honest. I'm so tired! Writing this my eyes keep closing as I'm trying to stay motivated! Don't get me wrong I do love blogging but I really wish my week wasn't so packed so that I could spend more time writing something substantial. However, I do have a few hours free tonight so I will try my best to get a few drafts written ready to be published each day. I will pre-warn you all! Friday and Saturday due to moving day uploading my blogs might be a little difficult but that's only because I don't know if I'll have internet. Also it's when I finally get to sit down at my laptop or on my phone!

For those who are reading this blog and are moving to University this September I'm sure you'll understand how stressful it all is! I'm only moving to Leeds! Imagine what I'd be like if I was moving miles away! STRESS HEAD! I promise I will calm down and everything will get back to normal as soon as I'm moved in and settled in my new place!

Anyway I shall shut up now and get on with writing the next lot of blog entries. If you're moving to University the next blog might be of interest to you! But even if you're not moving to University still check out my next blog posts because I have some good ideas spinning round my head. It just takes me a while to rein them in and put them into words!

"The rest is still unwritten"


Saturday, 7 September 2013

August and September Favourites

There are a few items I have been LOVING these past couple of months. 

Something which I have noticed a lot of people have been raving about are the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M. I have acquired four of these nail polishes so far in the colours blueberry, guava, passionfruit and mango. Unlike the normal Barry M nail varnishes I find that these chip less! This means my nail varnish always looks fresh and the colours are lovely and bright. These products definitely deliver on their Hi-Shine promise! I absolutely LOVE these nail polishes and I can say I have made use of Boots and Superdrug's offers on this product! I want to buy more however, as I am now a living a student lifestyle my money has to be spent wisely. Sadly this means I'm clutching onto my pennies!


Next is the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show Off. After trying out several mascaras I have found that this one has worked best for me and it is cheaper to buy than the other brands I was trying, such as No7. I think I've now decided that I prefer wands to the brushes. They seem to give a neater finish rather than 'clogging' up your lashes with blobs of mascara. As I'm living the student lifestyle this product is ideal as it isn't too expensive. I think I paid £4 in Wilkinsons second time round and I noticed Boots had it on offer  when this product was first released at £4.99. However, I am unsure how much this product is priced at currently. Maybe if you are interested in this product it would be best to shop around as the money you save does add up!

 My new handbag I have fallen in love with is my small green satchel from Accessorize. I bought this as a present for myself for my birthday. I paid £17 for it and it has been worth every penny! I use this bag when I go out in town on nights out as the clasp is harder to open. This means I feel safer keeping my phone, purse and key in it without having to worry about anyone rooting in my bag without me noticing! Another plus about this bag is that it was cheap and it was in my favourite colour-green. I've had this bag since April, but it's taken me all summer to realise how much I use it and how useful it really is! I can fit my iPod classic (another gadget I have been loving as I have just invested in a new iPod), my phone, makeup and key. Perfect little bag!

VO5 Frizz Relief Elixir Miracle Mist. This spray is something I use usually on a day to day basis. When I have showered I towel dry my hair and spray this down the full length of my hair. It smells divine! Then I brush through my hair and blow dry. I think it does help to control my hair but also it smells so lovely! This was given to me by a friend so I am unsure of pricing but obviously price varies wherever you shop. A benefit of this is that it doesn't make your hair greasy. Some sprays if used make your hair funny as if it hasn't been washed properly. This product is fab if you want an nice smelling spray which is easy to use on a daily basis!

These socks are the cutest socks I have purchased in a long time! I bought them from ASDA today and they have four designs each pair having a different animal on. They were £4 which is a bargain! Would recommend these as they are really cute and if you're wanting a cheap pair of socks for daytime use these would be ideal!

Miss Sporty Eyeliner. I hadn't used liquid eyeliner before I purchased this. However, I found this really easy to use! Despite it being a cheaper brand I have found this product perfectly adequate for when I go out in town. I haven't used any other brand yet so I can't really compare this to other liquid liners but from my experience when I don't really feel up to using my pencil I find if I have more time this eyeliner can look fab. Yes that is a downside, I have to leave more time to use this product. It takes a while to dry and perfecting a neat block line is hard (well for me at least). But to say I haven't used make up a lot this is easy when you get used to it. It just takes a few applications to find the right method!

No7 Gel-look Shine Nail Varnish. This is the most expensive nail varnish I have bought recently! It doesn't say on the bottle what colour it is but you can tell it is a deep pink colour. I also bought this colour in a red wine shade. I only bought these because there was a deal on No7 products at the time in Boots. I find the brush is really good for applications. Although having longer nails would be easier! I bought this before trying Barry M Gelly Varnishes. I prefer Barry M just because they are cheaper and still give the same effect. However, this is still a good nail varnish although it isn't really affordable for my new student lifestyle! Definitely a treat!

Well that's all for today's blog. Let me know if you liked this type of blog. I was going to do a university themed one. That way I can show you the things I have bought for university and you never know you might see something in there that you think you'll need!

"The rest is still unwritten"


Friday, 6 September 2013

The Adventures of Mabz

When I get round to starting my YouTube channel you will most likely see the face of my best friend Abz. She has been mentioned in my blog a few times so I won't repeat things-promise!
Last night (Thursday) we went to town which was really a spontaneous plan for me! I'd done a nine and a half hour shift at work on Wednesday and on Thursday I'd done another eight hours. It was fair to say I was feeling really tired and not in the right frame of mine for a night out. Nevertheless, I pushed on and got ready and soon it was 8.15pm and I found myself in Wetherspoons drinking a double Malibu and coke. It was really nice to see a few faces before I leave for University. I really can't believe how fast that day is approaching! Whilst in Spoons I saw Rais (another one of my close friends) who came over with his friend and had a lovely chat with us before they ran for their bus. We also saw Hollie, Lucy, Hannah, Megan, Grace, Kaylee, Owen, Oliver and Georgina who were out for Kaylee's leaving do as she was moving to Scotland.
About 9.30ish we were just going into the Acca, getting our free drink and I was more than ready to start dancing! However, I have to say the DJ was playing some awful songs! I went and said hello to the other DJ who I had been talking to on twitter. Turns out we both share a love for Two Door Cinema Club! As I was a fellow fan I won some champagne which was pretty cool!
Abz and I decided to stay in Acca for the majority of the night but we left about 12.15am. Have to say it was really fun but I was shattered! We got a taxi to McDonalds and ended up eating chicken nuggets and 12.30am. Probably one of the weirdest nights out I've had! I really don't know how I will survive University at this rate!

I woke up in the morning not with a hangover but really just tired from the busy few days I had had! I decided to dress myself in a pair of jeans and a Two Door Tee.
But a new development in my love life. After finally growing a pair and telling my S*** of an Ex-boyfriend where to go, I have a new crush. Now I don't think anything will happen because I feel as if my confidence has been knocked a lot from the last relationship. However, I think it's nice to have found someone who makes me giddy and smile whenever we talk.
My next blog I was thinking of doing about my favourite things I have bought over the summer. These are including beauty products, music, gadgets etc. It's miscellaneous!
"The rest is still unwritten"

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bingley Music Live 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm back from my weekend away at Bingley and I have to say I've had an interesting weekend! It's been good in terms of spending time with my friends, however I thought the line up this year wasn't on par with previous years.

The road trip began later than I expected due to having to sort out some problems with my university, however I was on the road to Ruth's by 10am. I underestimated how much stuff people were bringing and in my head I thought Derek was bigger!

There's all my food and stuff I was taking to the festival. Nice how my dog chose to hop in on the picture!

Poor Derek was more or less full before I left my house! With 3 pick up's to go I was feeling optimistic about fitting all of us in the car! After picking up Ruth, Rais and Fran I had a car full to the brim and 3 squashed passengers! I apologise to Ruth and Fran for the cosy but uncomfortable trip to Bingley! Finally at 12.30pm we arrived at Lane End Campsite. This was my first year driving over and I have to say that I would do it again! The trains and long trek last year were not fun! After 3 attempts at parking we were ready to unpack the mountains of stuff we had bought and begin to construct the 3 tents (which we later realised we didn't really need, although we were thankful for the extra space when it was cold)!

We headed down to the arena in time to see my favourite artist Nina Nesbitt. I thought she was fab! It was my first time seeing her live and I will be seeing her again on her tour in Leeds. I thought her outfit was amazing and that she sounded even better live!

In terms of which acts I saw on Friday it was a quiet one! I waited until the Human League but I only knew a few of their songs! We headed back to our campsite and tent and called it an early night. It was so freezing in that tent even with a hoodie, leggings and a sleeping bag! I have to say I didn't have the best first night's sleep. However, the next day I was up early and ready for the days events. I decided to make pasta with my friend Tamzin. I couldn't believe something that was so easy to make at camping tasted so nice! It felt like I was back at home. Safe to say I'm feeling more confident about living at University on my own!

On Saturday we made our way to the arena again and sat on the slope. When we got there the Temperance Movement were playing, I didn't like their type of music much! After they finished their set the Loveable Rogues took to the main stage. I anticipated their performance however as soon as they opened their mouths I was underwhelmed! They sounded terrible! It seems they have changed a lot since they first auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. We weren't impressed and refused to stick around for the rest of their set so we went to the second stage. It was nice to sit and chill out and listen to some different music.

Before this blog gets much longer I'll cut this short. On Saturday I also saw The Fratellis, a few songs from Primal Scream, Wilko Johnson who was so good! Blackbeard's Tea Party were also surprisingly jolly but the singing wasn't great!

Sunday was probably my favourite day. I was surprised by Issimo on the second stage, they were really good! I also liked China Rats and I fell in love with Theme Park. They might be my new obsession! JJ Rosa was also surprisingly good!

Before I end this blog here are some of the pictures I took whilst I was there!

China Rats

The Fratellis

JJ Rosa

Rose and the Howling North

Rose and the Howling North

Rose and the Howling North

Theme Park

Theme Park

Wilko Johnson
Right that's it for this blog! Thank you for reading! Remember "The rest is still unwritten"