Friday, 6 September 2013

The Adventures of Mabz

When I get round to starting my YouTube channel you will most likely see the face of my best friend Abz. She has been mentioned in my blog a few times so I won't repeat things-promise!
Last night (Thursday) we went to town which was really a spontaneous plan for me! I'd done a nine and a half hour shift at work on Wednesday and on Thursday I'd done another eight hours. It was fair to say I was feeling really tired and not in the right frame of mine for a night out. Nevertheless, I pushed on and got ready and soon it was 8.15pm and I found myself in Wetherspoons drinking a double Malibu and coke. It was really nice to see a few faces before I leave for University. I really can't believe how fast that day is approaching! Whilst in Spoons I saw Rais (another one of my close friends) who came over with his friend and had a lovely chat with us before they ran for their bus. We also saw Hollie, Lucy, Hannah, Megan, Grace, Kaylee, Owen, Oliver and Georgina who were out for Kaylee's leaving do as she was moving to Scotland.
About 9.30ish we were just going into the Acca, getting our free drink and I was more than ready to start dancing! However, I have to say the DJ was playing some awful songs! I went and said hello to the other DJ who I had been talking to on twitter. Turns out we both share a love for Two Door Cinema Club! As I was a fellow fan I won some champagne which was pretty cool!
Abz and I decided to stay in Acca for the majority of the night but we left about 12.15am. Have to say it was really fun but I was shattered! We got a taxi to McDonalds and ended up eating chicken nuggets and 12.30am. Probably one of the weirdest nights out I've had! I really don't know how I will survive University at this rate!

I woke up in the morning not with a hangover but really just tired from the busy few days I had had! I decided to dress myself in a pair of jeans and a Two Door Tee.
But a new development in my love life. After finally growing a pair and telling my S*** of an Ex-boyfriend where to go, I have a new crush. Now I don't think anything will happen because I feel as if my confidence has been knocked a lot from the last relationship. However, I think it's nice to have found someone who makes me giddy and smile whenever we talk.
My next blog I was thinking of doing about my favourite things I have bought over the summer. These are including beauty products, music, gadgets etc. It's miscellaneous!
"The rest is still unwritten"

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