Sunday, 29 May 2016

Film Review: Me Before You

Hello Lovely Readers!

Last weekend I was able to go to an early screening of the new film 'Me Before You'. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jojo Moyes. Unfortunately, I did not have time to read the book prior to seeing the movie, however after seeing the film I would really love to read it.

The Plot
The story focuses on two characters Louisa (Lou) Clark and Will Traynor. Will was a man who used to live life to the full, until he was hit by a motorcycle, which left him paralysed. Meanwhile, Lou lost her job at a cafe and was looking for a new job. The job centre found her a new opportunity to be a carer for a disabled man. After an interview with Camilla Traynor, she is hired. Lou and Will begin to work together and their relationship is difficult at first, however over time the pair become close and Will tells Lou that he plans to end his life. This is a really brief plot and I just don't want to share anymore with you because I think you need to watch it as this film really is about surprise in order for your emotions to just take over!

The Characters
Sam Claflin as Will Traynor. I thought this was a perfect choice and when I saw him on screen it was interesting to see him take on a new role that brought with it new challenges. He was able to take on a strong role, however enabling us as viewers to see his emotion and torment coming to terms with his situation.

Emilia Clark as Louisa (Lou) Clark.
I have not seen Game of Thrones (or any other of her works), so I had not seen Emilia on screen prior to this film. I was instantly captivated by portrayal of a bubbly, kind, loving character. She was endearing and made me connect with her and feel for her during her times of difficulty. Her eccentric fashion was fabulous and she really seemed to fit well in this role, as if she was that person in real life.

What did I think?
Throughout the beginning of the film I found myself giggling along with the rest of the audience in the cinema, as there were times of light humour among the more difficult issues. I really felt this enabled me to become emotionally involved with the characters and the hardships they faced. I really loved the role of Lou and her character and personality. Her fashion sense was fantastic and really made me love her all the more. I got really excited when I saw Lou and I had the same daisy earrings at one point and I was weirdly wearing them that day. By the end of the movie though I did find myself in tears as was the majority of the cinema. I had to share my tissues with the lady who was sat next to Scott. I was quite shocked by how long I was crying for, I just couldn't stop! It really showed how fantastic the acting was, as it was so believable I really felt connected to every decision they made, and wished the ending could've been different!

I am rating this movie 4/5 stars. It was a mix of sad and funny moments, which enabled the audience to feel connected to the characters and become emotionally invested in the story they were retelling. I think Sam Claflin portrayed the role of Will perfectly, really enabling me to understand how some people really struggle to cope with coming to terms with paralysis. Not everyone is able to overcome their feelings towards this and although a hard story to tell I feel it was interesting to understand why he felt the way he did. On the other hand, it would have been beneficial to see someone embracing the change to their life and making the most of it as many people today are able to lead full lives with their life changing injuries. It was difficult to see Will make the decision to end his life when not giving himself more time to see what he could've been able to do. Emilia Clark was just as lovable on screen as she is off it. She really made me sob as I watched the final scenes. It was a fantastic portrayal of a strong but sensitive character. Fantastic work and I would definitely see this film again.

I have seen the media attention that this film has received both good and bad. I see both sides of the argument and by no means am I taking sides with either argument. I do agree however that it would be more beneficial to see disabled stars on the big screen portraying roles such as this one. By Hollywood doing this it would allow the audience to gain a true picture into the life of a disabled person and the choices they make. This film shows just one choice (choosing to die). It would have been inspiring to see the character of Will explore all the things he could do and that just because he couldn't his life was over. It definitely raises some complicated issues and conversations with people. However I really see this as a positive as we can move forward and discuss these issues together.

If you go to see this film please let me know what you thought! Make sure you take tissues with you. Me Before You is out in cinemas on June 3rd.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spotify: What am I listening to?

Hello Lovely Readers!

I haven't written a music post in a while and I thought I might share with you all what I have been listening to and loving. I drive in the car a lot, so music is incredibly important to help the journey speed along. There is something about driving in the car with music blaring I love. I think it allows me to sing at the top of my voice without the worry of people judging me for it. I'll share 10 songs I'm currently listening to so that you can either see what I'm into or find some new songs you haven't heard of before.

1. Drake feat Wizkid & Kyla- One Dance
I'm not a huge Drake fan and I wouldn't usually find myself listening to his songs, however when Radio 1 played this more and more I gradually became addicted to it. It's such a catchy song and perfect for a wiggle in the car whilst waiting in traffic. Definitely one I've added to my playlist.

2. Sia feat Sean Paul- Cheap Thrills
I love this song and love having a dance around. Even in the car it's such a good song to wake you up in the morning to get ready for the day. Definitely needed when I have early starts at Uni or volunteering!

3. Little Mix feat Sean Paul- Hair
Ok I know. Little Mix. Not usually my bad but I do love to dance and I think this song is more than perfect for that! I have long hair and I love flipping it around and wiggling my bum whilst spinning around to this song. It's upbeat and sassy empowering to women. I love a catchy tune too. I'm trying to work out some more and go for walks and this song is so motivating.

4. Fifth Harmony feat Ty Dolla $ign- Work from Home
Sticking with the dance theme I love a good dance tune to listen to when I'm cooking. This song is perfect whilst stirring whatever is cooking on the hob and wiggling around whilst Scott does the washing up. Scott really hates this song which might make me like it a little more, however I'll continue to listen to it for now.

5. Tom Odell- Magnetised
Really glad that Tom Odell is back with new music. It seems ages since he released his first album and I was more than ready to here his new material. I wasn't so sure when I heard Wrong Crowd for the first time but after a couple of listens and then Magnetised was released I started to get into it a bit more. Not a dancey song but it's good to chill out to after a tough day.

6. Lauren Aquilina- Kicks
I really like Lauren and how low key she is as an artist. I am obsessed with this new song and find it a air punch song when you need to get a bit of anger out. I'm listening to this whilst writing this blog and it's putting me in such a good mood. Spurring me on to get this blog finished!

7. Birdy- Wild Horses
Birdy has caught the eye of many people over the years. I was shocked at how young she was when she started out. I think her voice is fantastic and have really enjoyed songs like Wings, Skinny Love and Let it all Go with Rhodes. Her new song is something I'm listening to on repeat and I always add it to a playlist when I go out driving when I get to be passenger DJ whilst Scott chauffeurs me around.

8. Biffy Clyro- Wolves of Winter
I will say that I wasn't a huge fan of Biffy Clyro, however when I heard this new song I'll admit it grew on me. I drive around a lot and it's the only time I listen to the radio. This has allowed me to listen to music I wouldn't normally choose to listen to. I really lovely the guitar in this song and makes me want to learn more...but then I think about how many times I've said that and actually I don't have that much free time. One day Meg. One day.

9. Kygo feat Kodaline- Raging
I LOVE KODALINE. So when I heard they had teamed up with Kygo I was excited. After the first play I was sold. This song is so good and still has Kodaline's sound in there, which fans will resonate with. I really love this song and It's on repeat at the minute and it probably will be for a while now. I think it's one of those summer songs you listen to with the sun glaring down and your windows are down, sunnies on and the wind is blowing your hair in a mess as you drive.

10. Alessia Cara- Wild Things
This woman has amazing vocals and I would kill to be able to sing like she can. After listening to and enjoying Here I was eager to hear more. Here was one of those songs I could relate to as a fellow party hater. I would much rather be sat at home with a glass of wine and a good film! How old do I sound now?! Wild Things will be another summer anthem for me. It makes me feel so young and want to jump on a trampoline and enjoy life. Ah if only I had the energy for that. 21 going on 90?

Hope you enjoyed this post from me and found some new songs to listen to. If you have any suggestions for me tweet them to me (link below) or alternatively leave a comment below and I'll reply!

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Carluccio's- Sheffield, Meadowhall

Hello Lovely Readers!

I've just been for a beautiful walk in the sun around where I live and I really enjoyed seeing some more of the area. After picking up my laptop in an attempt to do some work I ultimately failed and instead I've decided to write a blog post about last weekend.

I went to Meadowhall in search of a dress for Graduation Ball and for Scott's brothers wedding. I have bought a dress from Debenhams but I'll keep that under wraps for now until I find the whole outfit!

After trawling around Meadowhall for what seemed like days we decided to go for food and began wandering to the food court. I had heard a friend rave about Carluccio's so I decided to give it a go. We were seated quickly, albeit not in a great spot, however we were sat promptly. Scott ordered homemade lemonade and I went for a really predictable normal lemonade. I adore Italian food and if I could eat it everyday I really would! After looking at the menu for a good 10 minutes I decided I either wanted Spaghetti Carbonara (predictable Megan) or the Pappardelle Con Pollo (a bit of a risk). I love Mushrooms with pasta so I think that was the decider for me, so I ended up going for the Pappardelle Con Pollo (Chicken and a mix of shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms with créme fraîche, garlic, white wine and tossed pine nuts). Scott ordered Spaghetti Con Polpette (Spaghetti and meatballs). I love garlic and decided I wanted some garlic bread, so I ordered a side of Garlic Focaccia Bread (mmmm).

When the food came I was so excited to tuck in. I refused parmesan to begin with as I prefer to try a dish before I start adding stuff to it, however it really did need a sprinkle of parmesan so the waiter was really kind to add a healthy helping to my dish for me. I loved my food overall, although if it was me I would have not added as much parsley as the taste was almost overpowering. Scott did give me a bit of his meatball and I can say they were the best meatballs I'd tasted in a while. My favourite dish we ordered was the Garlic Focaccia Bread. I love bread and garlic, so it was no contest of which one I would prefer really. I could have honestly eaten a few more slices of this! For the price (£3.75) I felt that the portion was a bit on the small side? But that could just be for me.

Overall I would rate my experience a 7/10. I would return but I would order something different, maybe the lasagne. I will definitely be ordering the Garlic Focaccia Bread though- that is for certain!

Have you visited Carluccio's? If you have what was your favourite dish? If you have food pics, share them with me on Twitter (link below) I'd love to see them! Hope you enjoyed this post. I'm trying to post a little more for you all.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Moody Monday's Volume 23: My 21st Birthday

Hello Lovely Readers

My 21st birthday was on the 21st of April and I can honestly say it was the best day ever! I woke up at 6am as I had an early start at Uni. My boyfriend had sent me to bed early so that I couldn't see what was downstairs, so when I woke up I was so excited to go and see what he'd done. Scott had blown up loads of balloons and put up lots of banners and wrapped all my presents ready for me to open. I begged Scott to come downstairs so that I could start opening them. Suddenly I was wide awake for once at 6am! 

After making a cup of tea it was time to start unwrapping presents. I got some lovely PJ's from Scott's parents. I love my PJs so I was definitely pleased to get a fancy new pair. I also had a huge 21st badge from Scott, as well as cards from him and his family. I was so excited to open up the other presents, especially the huge box, but I restrained myself and left it till last. I opened up the smallest of the presents from Scott first. It was a beautiful charm from Pandora that he'd picked out himself. I really loved the charm because it had specks of my favourite colours (turquoise and green). It's colourful but understated, which I definitely like!

Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball Charm from Scott.
Now it was time to rip open the wrapping paper on the big box. I had no idea what it was. As I started ripping off the wrapping paper I saw the name on the side of the box. 'Kitchen Aid'. Now for those of you who've noticed I'm a keen baker and I was dying to own a Kitchen Aid mixer ever since I moved into my house and the kitchen was finished. I couldn't believe Scott had bought me a bloody mixer. How many boyfriend points does he get for this?! 

Fits into my kitchen perfectly!

I was so excited I never wanted to let it go! Did you know these things are really heavy?!

This mixer is my new baby. I've never been one to get emotional at stuff on my birthday, but I literally couldn't stop crying all day. Everything was perfect. A sign I'm getting older probably...or that Scott has made me all mushy and soft. Couldn't thank Scott enough for knowing me enough and spoiling me on my birthday. He's literally made me feel so special. After munching on some birthday crumpets and watching Good Morning Britain, it was time to head off to Uni. I share the same birthday as the Queen so she was dominating the headlines. Where was my shout out?! 

Got birthday badges off Megan and Scott.
I'm not usually one who loves the early morning starts at Uni, however this morning I was particularly chipper. I'd made rainbow cupcakes the night before so strolled into my lecture with 3 tubs in tow. After listening to the speakers telling us about various jobs and future employment opportunities the second set of speakers came in and my friends told them it was my birthday. He made me stand up and face the whole lecture theatre whilst everyone sang 'Happy birthday' to me. I was really embarrassed, but it was really funny at the same time.

Charm from my Mum and Dad.
(Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm)
After my afternoon lecture got cancelled (birthday luck), I headed home to see my parents. The weather was beautiful and I was in such a good mood. I gave cupcakes to my parents and sat down to have a cup of tea, whilst I opened my presents. They had bought me a beautiful charm I'd pointed out in Pandora. The Dazzling Daisy Fairy Charm. It's really pretty and has small splashes of pale pink spread around the charm itself. There are lots of beautiful intricate details on it, I thought it was a lovely present. Mum and Dad had also got me an oven glove and matching apron for my kitchen. Was definitely needed, as I was currently trying to lift things out using tea towels.

Earrings from my brother Max.
(Poetic Blooms Stud Earrings)
After shopping for my birthday party, which was happening on the Saturday I went to pick up my little brother. We were going out for a meal to Botafogo in Huddersfield, but Max let me open my present first. He had bought me a pair of earrings from Pandora (pictured above). I love flowers so these were a fabulous addition to my jewellery box, as I hadn't got a pair of earrings before.

Botafogo in Huddersfield
In the evening we all went to Botafogo for some much needed food! It's a Brazilian restaurant that operates on an 'all you can eat' basis. You have a card, which is for 'stop' and 'go' of when you want more meat. They come round with big kebab sticks of meat and they carve it for you at the table. It's all cooked on BBQ's and there's a huge range from steak to sausages and chicken. My favourite is the gammon and they have garlic mayo and I have loads of that with it. You get 3 sides; beans, rice and chips. If you finish these you can have them refilled whenever you need. It's a really great value restaurant for the money. If you're ever in Huddersfield it's definitely worth a visit!

Birthday dessert
I had such a fantastic birthday and I was so thankful to my fabulous family and friends and boyfriend for spoiling me. Really enjoyed myself. I will post some more stuff on my Instagram soon, the link is below if you want to see more from me.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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