Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Apologies and quick update!

Hello Bloggers!

I would like to take this time to just apologise for my absence. I'm on placement currently and it's taking up most of my time making sure I do well this year! This is why there has been a lack of posts. I wouldn't want to rush a post to make sure I post on time and the content be below par. I want to make sure I enjoy writing the posts that you read, which means that I need to make more time to do that than I am at the minute. 

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a really good day. I taught my class all day, which was a new challenge for me but one that I hope will become easier as they weeks go on. Luke was the best boyfriend and came all the way from Headingley just for a few hours to celebrate my birthday with me. He got me some lovely presents and I really don't deserve him as a boyfriend! I'm so glad I've finally found someone who truly makes me happy (and who's good for me). Oh and my parents like him too!

So I hope you are all well and I hope there will be a post on here soon. I'll try and organise my time to be able to write one for you as I have a lot to update you on!

See you soon! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


Monday, 6 April 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 12: Boys Boys Boys

Hello Bloggers!

I'm going to pre warn you. This post is a rant!

Now I am perfectly happy in my relationship don't get me wrong, however I have noticed how difficult it is for boys to understand women. I mean they are never really able to put themselves in our shoes. My boyfriend and I have our arguments but one that really has got to me lately is the fact that he is set on me being friends with his ex. Now, for men this may seem normal. I mean there's nothing between them anymore, turns out their better friends than lovers, however it does not mean that I need or want to be friends with this girl. She could be a lovely person and I have nothing against her personally, but when she's been with my boyfriend intimately then it makes things really awkward! 

Surely it's ok for me to feel this way?! Yes. Yes it is.

You see I did explain this and of course he doesn't understand how I feel. Women love to talk about feelings and quite frankly I'd love for my boyfriend to open up a bit more. No. That's a feminine thing apparently! I feel like sometimes I'm made to feel like my feelings are wrong and I shouldn't feel that way.

More often than not I've been told "oh don't be silly" "oh you're overthinking" "oh you're being paranoid"...no I'm being a women and it's perfectly ok for me to feel the way I do. Men shouldn't be allowed to tell us how to think or feel. I'm entitled to my own opinion as all women are. I hate fighting so it would be nice if my boyfriend and I could just move past this because it really shouldn't be important if I'm friends with her or not. It took me a while to get ok with them hanging out still (as friends) so he shouldn't push me too much. I'm being more than reasonable.

Another tip for men. If your ex is being horrid to your new girlfriend, don't agree with what the ex is saying. Stupidly my boyfriend did this. I cried and it was a literal face palm moment. I mean come on! How naive can men be? 

Too often men use the excuse "sorry I wasn't thinking" which is sometimes ok to use. Although, when this phrase is used repeatedly during an argument to avoid too much of the blame and to move on it's certainly NOT ok. If you weren't thinking the first time then you need to stop, think and learn from what had been before so that we don't have to go through the same mundane argument again! 

I love my boyfriend to pieces but I'd kill for him to understand me a bit more. Wouldn't hurt them would it girls?

Hope you enjoyed my little rant. I'm not a man hater just needed to get some feelings out there.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday Favourites: What I enjoyed in March

Hello Bloggers!

Since we're now in April I thought I would share some of the things I have loved during March. I'll be honest these are random so don't just expect the usual makeup or food related items!

1. Kelloggs Special K Apple and Cinnamon Porridge Sachets

I've been trying to swap bread for cereal in a morning and since I hate cereal I thought I'd try porridge. I love cinnamon and apple and I couldn't find anything like this before. Thank you Special K you have actually made something I like! One downside...I can only get this from Tesco which isn't close to my house. I think it's £1.99, however I have noticed it on offer at Tesco £1.00 which is good as I can buy two boxes at once. If you're looking for something healthier that is packed with vitamins and is so tasty then I would recommend these porridges. 

2. Make it or break it

As I finished Pretty Little Liars (PLL) I needed a new series to watch on Netflix and I just stumbled upon this one really. I'll be honest the first episode didn't grab me and I definitely wasn't expecting to continue on to watch every episode. However, I started watching this on Sunday and I haven't stopped flicking through episode after episode. It really grabs you when you get into it and now I'm so involved with the characters. The series follows four elite gymnasts and their journey to the Olympics in London 2012. We get to see the struggles they face and how they overcome them to ensure they get to the olympics. I would really recommend this series if you're looking for something to watch. All four seasons are on Netflix!

3. No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow from Cappuccino Trio

I got this cute little eye shadow in a No7 gift set around Christmas time. It's a beautiful shimmery bronze colour and I think enhances the colour of my eyes. I have hazel eyes and I find browns really makes them pop a beautiful muddy green colour (the best way I could describe it). I found this at the bottom of my makeup draw and I thought I'd try and use it. When using this I pair it with my Nars Eye shadow duo. 

4. Nars Duo Eye shadow: Cordura

I bought this last year and had stopped using it. Recently I've been using the darker shade of brown, in the duo, to smoke the crease around my eye. I prefer using this paired with the No7 eyeshadow because it's shimmery and I think it makes my eye colour pop. I'm definitely glad I started using this eyeshadow again. Definitely a staple if you have green or hazel eyes!

5. Motel Rocks

I've just bought a cute little sunflower dress off this site and I can't wait until it arrives. There is a great 70% off sale currently so definitely have a look! This was a treat to myself for my birthday! I'll definitely keep my eye on this site, however I really do have to stop spending so much money! Click on the logo above to get the link to the site.

6. Benefit Roller Lash

There's been so much talk over this and I picked up a copy of Elle magazine back in February and intended to try Roller Lash sooner. When rooting through my makeup drawer and finding make up items I hadn't used in ages I thought I'd finally give this mascara a whirl. I have to say I was amazed and it really made my lashes so much longer and look thicker. This will definitely be my new staple make up item!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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