Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Book Review: Girl Online On Tour

Hello Lovely Readers!

I have just finished reading Girl Online On Tour and I writing this review to let you know what I thought of it. I won't be giving too much away, as I hate when reviews basically tell you everything that happens! I want you to understand my feelings from the book and how I felt afterwards.

It has been so long since I have had time on an evening to sit and read a book. I always feel so tired when I actually get into bed, that I end up playing on my phone for a bit before sleeping. After reading Zoe Sugg's first book 'Girl Online' I couldn't wait for the sequel. I like to think of this book as something to satisfy the teenager still living inside of me. It's a guilty pleasure book I can't deny that. My boyfriend kindly went to Leeds on the day of the release so I could start reading this book, however I didn't get round to reading it until Sunday. I started at 10am and after a few breaks, food and a shower I finally finished it at 5pm. A day well spent! I was gutted after finishing reading the final few pages, even with an extra chapter, (exclusive to Waterstones) it still wasn't enough. If you're looking to buy the book I would definitely recommend buying it from here just for the extra chapter, which provides an insight into how the book may continue now that things have changed drastically for Penny.

One thing I loved about this book was that it wasn't a 'happily ever after' ending. It wasn't a sad one either, it left much to the imagination as to where this book could continue, if Zoe ever did decide to write another. I think there is scope to take these characters further. I definitely think there would be grounds to continue the story to see how Penny can continue on her own path. Whilst reading the two books you definitely see her as a character that follows what other people are doing and now she has broken away from that it would be interesting to see where her dreams take her. I think we can also agree we want to see the return of Elliot and Alex, both characters I love.

Another thing I loved about this book was the addition of character 'Leah Brown'. She was a character I didn't like in the first book, but that wasn't hard since she didn't really get mentioned much and when she did it was bad! Now that we've seen her character develop throughout this book, we learn more about her and come to like her, just as Penny does. It really feels as if you can get inside the lead character Penny and understand how these events effect the choices she makes. Sometimes I found myself screaming at the book in the hope the plot would change (silly I know)! Nevertheless, a surprise was that I found myself growing to love Leah, simply because of her friendship with Penny. I think that definitely shows us how you can make friends in the most unlikely of circumstances.

I won't lie, parts of the book made me so emotional. Not crying. I was angry...especially at Noah. I don't want to spoil too much of the plot, although I really do love how this book can provoke all sorts of different emotions from people. I was so invested in the plot and was eager to find out what happened next. This may be the reason why I read it so quickly! I truly believe that my inner teenager loved this story. I find myself relating so much to Penny. When she mentioned her favourite Winnie The Pooh Character being Piglet, I couldn't help but slightly over react. If you stepped into my bedroom you'd seen an abundance of Piglet related items, as he is too my favourite character ever since I was young. I also related to her clumsiness, as I too trip or fall and don't even try to get me to walk in heels! It will not end well! I think Zoe has outdone herself on this book. Being able to create characters that readers can relate to are difficult, I think that's why I struggle to properly start some books, let alone finish! Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour, were both books I easily managed to become engrossed in. I think that is testament to it being a plot, call it cliche, that I really love.

So if you're looking for a new book to read and you are interested in these books I can thoroughly recommend both these books! Girl Online On Tour especially was my favourite of the two. It provided lots of twists and bombshells I was not expecting, which made for an interesting read.

Overall, I am going to rate Girl Online On Tour 5/5 stars. It might be a book I reread again soon (when I find a spare day).

I know these types of books aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I think everyone has a right to an opinion. So good or bad share your thoughts about these books below! Alternatively, get in touch with me, via my social media links below!

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 20: Motivation

Hello Bloggers!

It has been such a long time since my last post and honestly I have missed writing on this page. These past couple of months have been a whirlwind for me with regards to University. I'm half way through the first term back and I am already feeling the pressure of final year! I have all these assignments due in for the 12th of November as well as a presentation and getting ready for my final placement. I have to admit it's quite overwhelming for me. We had a meeting the other day about final year placement and the importance of it. That was such a scary meeting, simply because the reality that I would soon be applying for jobs hit me. I will soon have to grow up and realise that this is now my career. Daunting. On the other hand I am ready to be a teacher of my own class. Only then can I begin to learn more from experience and get one step closer to being the teacher I hope I will one day become. As well as being daunting, it is also exciting. I am looking forward to graduating and celebrating with my friends rounding off what has been a fab three years at University. I hope to graduate with a first and that's why I'm using this blog as a break for myself between writing assignments. I am more than willing to put in the effort so that I am able to improve on my essays with the help of the learning hub, hopefully allowing me to bump my high 2:1 up to a first.

One thing I have also noticed with the pressure of final year is my diet. Wow, I am unhealthy. My reliance on sweet treats and fatty guilty pleasures has become ridiculous and my ever growing waistline is becoming a problem for me. I really wish that whilst I was trying hard at Uni, I felt motivated to go for a run or diet. I suppose I can't have everything in that sense, and sometimes my mood causes me to lean towards the very foods that don't do anything for me. BOO. Nevertheless, I'll continue to hold out hope that one day my body will soon reduce in size and I will end up looking fabulous. Until that day though I shall just continue to slouch in my pjs watching Netflix to pass the time.

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me and the hard work starts now! For all of you in my position we CAN do this! If you're like me and you are striving for a high grade in your degree work hard. I know it feels like you aren't doing enough, but I assure you that you are. Just take your work in stages and the workload will soon decrease and you'll feel better when you see your hard work rewarded. I will also say that you need to remember how valuable your close friends are. I have never been so thankful for best friends these past few weeks. They help me keep on track with my work, they read through my essays when I'm worrying and they also listen to me rant about how I'm obviously going to fail final year before reminding me that I can succeed this year and that I need to keep going.

I also need to thank my family as well as Luke for sticking with me even when my moods turn ugly. I will admit I have resembled Bridget Jones these last few months, personality as well as comfy attire! However, I won't apologise for that and will instead thank them for reminding me that I can do this and one day I will be a fab teacher. Sidetone: Thank you to Luke for buying me pie. It's bad for my waistline, but good for the mood.

Anyway I will cute this post slightly shorter than normal. I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking. I'm just swamped with Uni work!

I love you all, let me know how you're doing!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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