Monday, 23 December 2013

Ranting: Gig Tickets

As you may all have realised I LOVE going to gigs. It's a hobby of mine. One thing I've started to realise is that my money is going sucks when I want to buy gig tickets but I have to save. I was writing down all the gigs I want to attend and majority have now sold out. Take Haim for example. Tickets were £15 to see them at Manchester Academy. What really annoys me is that people are selling them on 'viagogo' for £30.00 upwards! I mean some of these people have 8 tickets or more to sell. Just shows that people look for high profile bands to buy tickets on the cheap and then sell them at extortionate prices. It's the fans we should feel sorry for. Some of them will be so desperate that they'll actually buy those tickets. Another band I wanted to see as well was Kodaline. The cheapest price ticket on 'viagogo' is £30.00. It's gutting to know I can't afford to see some of my favourite bands. I've learnt though I try and keep tabs on bands so I know when tickets go on sale so I can get my Dad to get tickets before they sell out. If you are one of those people who buys tickets to sell them at ridiculous prices could you maybe just think twice before putting tickets at double/triple the price they were first sold at? Now I know my Dad has done this twice to buy tickets for Bastille and I've had to tell him to stop. We shouldn't support those people who are quite blatantly being selfish! If you are looking to buy tickets then look for face value ones. On Twitter look on '@twickets' they retweet face value tickets people are selling. They usually get more frequent on the night of the gig. This is a far better way to get hold of tickets and at least you aren't paying stupid amounts of money! 

What gigs did you want to attend but couldn't because of sold out tickets? Let me know!


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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Now modt people by now would usually be sat listening to the music channels playing christmas songs. NOT ME! I'm proud to say I am currently writing this blog listening to MTV ROCKS with a cup of tea in hand. I have to say my house has left christmas a little late. We have only just put the tree up, with a festive family argument of course. Majority of the presents are wrapped and waiting under the tree. The house is looking a tad more festive but not overly! Mum and Dad have just done the big christmas shop and they were queuing outside Aldi for 7.45am and they weren't the first ones in line! I can't believe how mad everyone goes at christmas. It is almost like an apocalypse is coming and people won't be able to buy food again- madness! I've decided that today probably is a good day to snuggle on the sofa in my PJs instead of braving the outside! However I know the same will happen on Boxing Day. People will go mad again with christmas money in hand ready to buy things that have gone in the sale. I have to admit there are a few things I want so I am keeping an eye on these sales!

What do I want? Well I would love some more Sims 2 expansion packs (yes I'm addicted to Sims), I'd love a camera (I've been meaning to get one for a while), maybe some clothes if I see some I like? I'm one of those shoppers that walks into a shop and ends up buying stuff I don't necessarily need! QUICK BUY STUFF!!!

Are any of you going to the Boxing Day sales? If you do let me know what you get! If I buy things I'll write another blog showing you all what I get!

One thing I love about Christmas is the fab stuff that is on TV. Seen loads of Christmas films and Disney stuff (of course) that I will be watching. Christmas really makes me feel happy I just wish the holidays lasted a little longer so I could be a bit more festive. I don't go back to Uni till 13th January so I plan to write some more blogs to pass the time.

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Whilst writing this blog I've listened to:
Kodaline- Love like this
Haim- Falling
Muse- Panic Station
Elyar Fox- Do It All Over Again
Vampire Weekend- Diane Young
Fall Out Boy- Alone Together
Jake Bugg- Seen It All

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Christmas list

I am probably such a hard person to buy for at Christmas, but this is mainly due to the fact that I don't usually decide what I want until the week before the big day.

1. I wanted to buy quite a few albums this year so I've just asked for an iTunes card. I would prefer to have a physical copy but it's just easier to buy it on iTunes. They are sometimes cheaper than they are to buy online. 

2. I wanted some books but when I think about it I've been reading slowly recently only picking up my book when I feel like it which is wrong because I think I might end up with some books that have recently become good doorstops (oops)! I think this might be because I have yet to find a book that grabs me on the first page. It's a shame because I love reading. (Any suggestions are welcome!)

3. Since my Sims addiction has returned I would really love some expansion packs for my game. Maybe apartment life or open for business? They would be good!

4. Some Disney DVDs. I do love a good Disney film to watch. They make me so happy.

As you can see my Christmas List is shorter simply because I'm not really wanting anything desperately. I already have everything I need and something's I wanted but changed my mind about. If I get some money I will most likely put that towards my gig fund as in the New Year I hope to book many more gigs so that I can review them for you lovely lot! I would also love to be able to buy myself a Latitude Day Ticket just because I would love to see Two Door Cinema Club again (not that I'm obsessed or anything).

What are you wanting Santa to bring you this year?

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Artists singing live

Since I've just watched the X factor I thought I would write a blog about this.

Well Katy Perry performed and well I'll be honest she really hasn't got a great voice singing live. It amazes me how someone can sell out concerts when their vocals are not as good as they should be. I went to see Two Door Cinema Club at the O2 on Friday and I have to say their vocals were even better than they were on record. I just feel like a lot of the 'pop' acts these days seem to put on a theatrical performance to draw the attention away from their poor vocals.

What also confuses me is that why on earth would you write a song that you can't sing live? With this year's X Factor I'm really happy Sam Bailey won. I mean she had an amazing voice, and even though I'm not a huge fan of Nicole their duet together was amazing. That had to be one of my favourite duets I have seen on the X Factor. That being said I think Ellie Goulding and Luke Friend sung well together. I liked the fact that Luke stuck with his guitar. I personally thought that his version of Fun's "We Are Young" was the wrong song choice and it wasn't him at all.

Moving on. If you think about it there are so many artists these days that just can't sing live! I would be so annoyed if I had gone to a concert where the artist had failed to put on a show. Usually these artists end up in the big arenas. Top tip you can probably find the best talent in smaller venues. It makes the gig experience so much better as you connect with the artist.

I'm interested to know all your views on this so let me know!
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nick Wilson

Nick is someone I found on YouTube last year doing a cover of Two Door Cinema Club. Thought his voice was fab so I gave him a cheeky follow on Twitter and we have had chats and moans about how rubbish A level geography was (it really was awful). Now he has released his new EP Darkest Hour on iTunes and I really think you should go and buy it because I personally think it highlights how many people like Nick need to have more publicity because of their amazing talent.

I really do love singer/songwriters and Nick is one who has been added to my list of favourites. Obsolete I think is one of those songs that is lyrically perfect and really cute (ahh soppy songs my fave). Ok ok so I might like him a lot because I love cute songs that tell a story about relationships...I have a good imagination and it helps me imagine the type of guy I want to be with. The EP is so chilled out and it is one that I play when I'm in bed on an evening trying to sleep. It is so relaxing and calming. Now Nick is the same age as me...HE NEEDS TO BECOME FAMOUS AND YOU LOT CAN HELP!!!

So make me happy and go and buy his EP or at least go and listen to him on YouTube and subscribe. He has begun to do more gigs and I wish I could go and see him but he hasn't done any around Leeds (hint hint). Maybe if he gets more fans he can start doing more shows around the UK and show you all what he can do live. I'm pretty sure he won't disappoint and will most likely be even better live. One thing I will mention as well about Nick is that he is so lovely and down to earth. You can tell that he is grateful for every opportunity he has been given and there aren't many people like that in the music industry! I love those artists who are interested in there fans and I would like to say that Nick and I are friends...(awkward if we aren't now). Ah well I've said it and I'll laugh it off...ahhh might be another embarrassing moment here. 

There's is no doubt that we will be seeing more of him in the future and he will get his big break that he really deserves. 

Go give him a cheeky follow on Twitter: @uknickwilson
Tell me you've subscribed and followed him and I'll follow you back if you want to be friends: @Megsiemay95

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Monday, 9 December 2013

I love Mondays

So far my Monday has been really good! Finally caught up on much needed sleep that I was deprived of over the weekend. I was really productive yesterday and got the majority of my curriculum and pedagogy assignment done! Today Mum and Dad have taken me out for lunch as well to La Luna in Halifax and I have to day the whole meal was just gorgeous!

Chicken Fajitas (so tasty)

Sea salted caramel and almond cheesecake with cream (amazing)

So this week is set to be a busy one! I have assignments that need doing which I hope to have finished by Wednesday. Then I have to hand them in which will hopefully be done on Thursday. Zoe and I are planning to drag Megan to the White Rose on Thursday to pick up the final pieces for our christmas presents. Unfortunately I've had to take a rain check on my flat christmas party as I have Two Door Cinema Club concert on Friday and as Dad is driving Rais back that night we probably won't get back till 3/4am so PJ day looks good on Saturday. I am also pushing mum to hurry up and get the christmas decs up because christmas is my favourite time of year and I want to make it last as long as possible.

So yeah Two Door on Friday...I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT. It's going to be amazing and hopefully I'll be able to meet up with some of my friends off twitter that I have spoken to. If you'll send me a tweet and tell me how it was for you! This will be my third time seeing Two Door and my second time seeing them this year. I started off the year seeing them and I will end the year seeing them as well, which I think is really nice.

Whilst I have some spare time now I'll get on with writing some blog posts so that they can be posted each day!

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

University Part 2

I can't believe I only have a few days left at University before the first semester is up! The time seems to have flown by and I can honestly say that coming to university has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made some amazing and hopefully lifelong friends. I finally feel happy studying something I'm interested in and I'm not trying to sound cocky but I believe this is something I am good at. I guess it feels like I'm finally getting closer to being a teacher.

I've been to a few gigs (not as many as hoped) but soon it will be time for Two Door Cinema Club. AHHHH IT'S NEXT FRIDAY (13th) HOPE IT'S NOT UNLUCKY FOR ME!

I couldn't be happier right now (apart from the car accident) but even though that has happened I am lucky enough to have people around me who can pick me up and give me the boost I need.

I also saw the new Hunger Games movie (AMAZING). I'll admit I almost cried (almost) just because it was so much like the book and it felt like it had actually brought it to life. Yeah I know that sounds dead cheesy but what can I say I'm a book geek (guilty).

Book- after reading 'Before I die' (see blog post further back) I opted for a cheerier book 'Passion' by Lauren Kate. However I soon realised it's not really a cheery book as it's quite dark and so far a lot of people are dying...fab. Anyway I love fallen angels so I'm continuing reading! If any of you have any books to recommend me please let me know as I do love to read and I want to read more over the Christmas period. Email or Tweet me.

Also I've realised I would like some more money as I am a student so I've been job searching. Luckily I've picked up a few babysitting jobs so at least I'm building experience with children whilst studying and it's something I enjoy doing!

I've been doing a lot of baking recently so I will probably write a post about that! Christmas is just around the corner. My question today is "What are you hoping Santa leaves you in your stocking?".

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Ones to watch in 2014

  1. Two Door Cinema Club
    They have released a new EP this year and they are playing the O2 Arena. It is fair to say that 2013 has been a busy and successful year for the band. They have grown in popularity which is a good thing because they deserve to be recognised. As much as I am pleased they have the opportunity to play the arena I hope they don’t stray too far from smaller venues as I feel the atmosphere is better. In addition I feel more intimate with the band whereas you can become quite distant in an arena especially one as big as the O2! Nevertheless they will forever be my favourite band, every song makes me feel happy and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them- enough said.
  2. Bastille
    So far I have seen these twice this year and each time they haven’t disappointed. I have to say it was nice to see them grow from being almost unknown in February to becoming insanely popular by autumn! They’ve had 2 sell out tours and it is easy to see why with their cool and catchy tunes that most people find easy to listen to. Not to mention that they are great performers! Their gigs are so unique and different I recommend you buy tickets- that’s if you can get hold of some!
  3. Breach The Summit 
    I just raved about these in my previous blog post but I want them to get popular so I can add them to my ‘seen live’ list. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to see this band live? You’d be mad not to! Pretty sure they could be something big given the chance. Go check them out on soundcloud and give them a cheeky follow on Twitter as well @BreachTheSummit.
  4. Foster The People
    Now for all Foster fans it has been agony waiting for them to bring a new album out. The album was set for release this year however they pushed the date back till January 2014. Not too much longer then Foster fans! Mark assures us it will be worth the wait. Personally I can’t wait for the tour that is most likely to follow I must get tickets for the UK dates (they better do UK dates).
  5. Haim
    After the success of their albums ‘Days are Gone’ Haim are set to embark on their 2014 tour most of which has been a sell out (poo gutted I haven’t got tickets). I still remain hopeful that I will see them live one day (one day). From what I’ve heard of the album it really doesn’t disappoint. They will be on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 if you’re interested (of course I will be watching). This album is definitely on my Christmas list!
  6. We Were Evergreen
    Just had the best email off this band! They are releasing their album early 2014 and that means that they are also going on tour (getting tickets for as many shows as I can). I’m urging you all to go and buy tickets as soon as they go on sale and also get their album. The band have worked super hard and they really do deserve all the success with it! 
That's all for today's post if you have any suggestions for future blog posts or any other questions then let me know by email or twitter (I'll be nice I promise)! or @Megsiemay95

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Breach The Summit


A band that tweeted me the other day which led to me listening to their new EP The City. Now I love small bands that aren't as famous yet but have the potential to be. Now already from these 5 songs I can tell that their future has to be bright! I mean their songs are catchy and make you want to dance around your room (in my case anyway)! I really want to see this band at a gig however they have no plans to come to the UK yet (cries). If you live in America seek out this band because I'm pretty sure you won't be dissappointed! Think their gigs will be electric and the atmosphere will be fab. When I listen to their songs I can imagine what the crowd would be doing at each point. 

If you like indie pop rock then this is the band for you. They remind me of why I love Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People. They have catchy tunes that make you feel good and almost...liberated?

Think at this point 'You Don't Know' will be my tune. That's one of those songs I can sing at top volume.

'Step' is another song that I can imagine the crowd being involved with lots of clapping and cheering.

I could list the whole EP because there isn't a song that I don't like. Even if indie pop rock isn't your thing then give these a listen they might just change your mind!

Follow them on twitter and Instagram @BreachTheSummit 

That's all for today back tomorrow! 

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Not feeling myself

Hey guys,

Sorry for slipping off the radar a lot has happened these last few weeks. I looked for new job opportunities, stressed over assignments and I was involved in a car accident.

Now however minor an accident can appear to someone for the person who is actually dealing with it, it is a big and scary thing! My accident only happened on Thursday and I'm already feeling the nasty after effects as well as coming to terms with the fact that my poor Derek is looking a tad worse for wear at the minute! I've missed 3 days of uni cause of my back pain, constant headaches and dizzy spells...not what I expected from my first year at uni. Nevertheless I am lucky enough that my mum and dad were there to jump to the rescue and help me out. My friends from uni have been the best as well missing me and getting stuff from lectures for me. As well as old friends who have checked up on me seeing how I am. 

What I want to talk about is how incidents in our lives change us. I was on my way to a lecture like any normal day and then someone crashed into me. Not only am I suffering physical pain but emotional as well. I don't feel great driving on my own anymore...hate being alone at the minute. I feel angry at myself for feeling weak and under confident. I just seem to cry all the time when I remember how vulnerable I was and how that driver made me feel. I never want to feel that way again- ever. 

What do you take from this? We'll be strong in yourself. These days 97% of the population only care for themselves and we need to take out future in our hands. We don't have to let people walk over us or allow them to make us feel small. We control ourselves and it's no one else's right to say what we can and cannot do! So try something new and be bold. Tell the bullies that they can't boss us anymore. Bullies are the people that think they are above us, they think they can push us around, they think they can get what they want. Not today. 

Believe in yourselves lovelies because you matter. Hope you're still reading- thank you.

"The rest is still unwritten"