Monday, 2 December 2013

Not feeling myself

Hey guys,

Sorry for slipping off the radar a lot has happened these last few weeks. I looked for new job opportunities, stressed over assignments and I was involved in a car accident.

Now however minor an accident can appear to someone for the person who is actually dealing with it, it is a big and scary thing! My accident only happened on Thursday and I'm already feeling the nasty after effects as well as coming to terms with the fact that my poor Derek is looking a tad worse for wear at the minute! I've missed 3 days of uni cause of my back pain, constant headaches and dizzy spells...not what I expected from my first year at uni. Nevertheless I am lucky enough that my mum and dad were there to jump to the rescue and help me out. My friends from uni have been the best as well missing me and getting stuff from lectures for me. As well as old friends who have checked up on me seeing how I am. 

What I want to talk about is how incidents in our lives change us. I was on my way to a lecture like any normal day and then someone crashed into me. Not only am I suffering physical pain but emotional as well. I don't feel great driving on my own anymore...hate being alone at the minute. I feel angry at myself for feeling weak and under confident. I just seem to cry all the time when I remember how vulnerable I was and how that driver made me feel. I never want to feel that way again- ever. 

What do you take from this? We'll be strong in yourself. These days 97% of the population only care for themselves and we need to take out future in our hands. We don't have to let people walk over us or allow them to make us feel small. We control ourselves and it's no one else's right to say what we can and cannot do! So try something new and be bold. Tell the bullies that they can't boss us anymore. Bullies are the people that think they are above us, they think they can push us around, they think they can get what they want. Not today. 

Believe in yourselves lovelies because you matter. Hope you're still reading- thank you.

"The rest is still unwritten" 


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