Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Now modt people by now would usually be sat listening to the music channels playing christmas songs. NOT ME! I'm proud to say I am currently writing this blog listening to MTV ROCKS with a cup of tea in hand. I have to say my house has left christmas a little late. We have only just put the tree up, with a festive family argument of course. Majority of the presents are wrapped and waiting under the tree. The house is looking a tad more festive but not overly! Mum and Dad have just done the big christmas shop and they were queuing outside Aldi for 7.45am and they weren't the first ones in line! I can't believe how mad everyone goes at christmas. It is almost like an apocalypse is coming and people won't be able to buy food again- madness! I've decided that today probably is a good day to snuggle on the sofa in my PJs instead of braving the outside! However I know the same will happen on Boxing Day. People will go mad again with christmas money in hand ready to buy things that have gone in the sale. I have to admit there are a few things I want so I am keeping an eye on these sales!

What do I want? Well I would love some more Sims 2 expansion packs (yes I'm addicted to Sims), I'd love a camera (I've been meaning to get one for a while), maybe some clothes if I see some I like? I'm one of those shoppers that walks into a shop and ends up buying stuff I don't necessarily need! QUICK BUY STUFF!!!

Are any of you going to the Boxing Day sales? If you do let me know what you get! If I buy things I'll write another blog showing you all what I get!

One thing I love about Christmas is the fab stuff that is on TV. Seen loads of Christmas films and Disney stuff (of course) that I will be watching. Christmas really makes me feel happy I just wish the holidays lasted a little longer so I could be a bit more festive. I don't go back to Uni till 13th January so I plan to write some more blogs to pass the time.

"The rest is still unwritten"


Whilst writing this blog I've listened to:
Kodaline- Love like this
Haim- Falling
Muse- Panic Station
Elyar Fox- Do It All Over Again
Vampire Weekend- Diane Young
Fall Out Boy- Alone Together
Jake Bugg- Seen It All

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