Monday, 23 December 2013

Ranting: Gig Tickets

As you may all have realised I LOVE going to gigs. It's a hobby of mine. One thing I've started to realise is that my money is going sucks when I want to buy gig tickets but I have to save. I was writing down all the gigs I want to attend and majority have now sold out. Take Haim for example. Tickets were £15 to see them at Manchester Academy. What really annoys me is that people are selling them on 'viagogo' for £30.00 upwards! I mean some of these people have 8 tickets or more to sell. Just shows that people look for high profile bands to buy tickets on the cheap and then sell them at extortionate prices. It's the fans we should feel sorry for. Some of them will be so desperate that they'll actually buy those tickets. Another band I wanted to see as well was Kodaline. The cheapest price ticket on 'viagogo' is £30.00. It's gutting to know I can't afford to see some of my favourite bands. I've learnt though I try and keep tabs on bands so I know when tickets go on sale so I can get my Dad to get tickets before they sell out. If you are one of those people who buys tickets to sell them at ridiculous prices could you maybe just think twice before putting tickets at double/triple the price they were first sold at? Now I know my Dad has done this twice to buy tickets for Bastille and I've had to tell him to stop. We shouldn't support those people who are quite blatantly being selfish! If you are looking to buy tickets then look for face value ones. On Twitter look on '@twickets' they retweet face value tickets people are selling. They usually get more frequent on the night of the gig. This is a far better way to get hold of tickets and at least you aren't paying stupid amounts of money! 

What gigs did you want to attend but couldn't because of sold out tickets? Let me know!


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