Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My Journey To University: Volume 2

I'm currently feeling really proactive! I'm moving on Friday/Saturday and all I can think about is cooking in my new home! Instead of taking cook books I've been sat on my laptop for 2 hours printing recipes. I really hope I can be a good cook as I want to have a few friends over before I start University.

Abz said she will come over and visit me in my new flat. I'm planning to make some dinner and get a few bottles of wine in. I think she will be the person I miss the most, so having a small, cosy, girly sleepover before we get into the thick of Uni seems plausible.

If anyone has any recipes they can recommend I'll try them. I am picky but I promise that I'll try them! Just leave me a comment below!

So this blog is written in advance as today (Wednesday) I'll be picking up furniture for my new flat from my Auntie. I'll be honest and say that I am dying to have a lie in, however I can't see me getting one till Sunday (maybe). Then again even if I'm moved in I'll need to sort other jobs out (organising broadband for my home).

Cannot tell you how excited I am! Here's everything I have bought (well what I've taken photos of so far)! 

Sainsbury's had some fab deals on notepads and good quality coloured pens! Everything was half price which I thought would definitely help with the uni budget! Think altogether these totalled to under £10 for 2 spiral notebooks, project book (usually £5.50!), berol pens and papermate biros! Great bargain! 

My next fave place is IKEA! 
Dish drainer for when I've washed up all my cutlery etc. This was so cheap! 

Cutlery set which was a little bit more expensive but was cheapest out of other sets and it was nicer! This should keep me going for a few years! 

Extension cables! Something I can't stress how useful these will be to tech lovers out there! If you're going to need a lot of plugs remember your uni rooms won't have a lot! Maybe four at most! If you're a gamer you'll most likely need the extra sockets to plug your console in etc! These were in a deal I think 2 for £4? Not sure don't hold me to that price!! 

Cute little cheese grater think this was £1.50? Really useful especially with the container! It also has a tub lid that you can seal the cheese off and refrigerate and use for another time! Fab essential if you're going to be cooking!

My new toy for washing up time! This jazzy scrubbing brush is fab and think it was 90p from ikea! The sucker at the end allows it to stand up on the sink! So much fun I'm sticking it all over the house as it makes a funny noise when you rip it off...yeah I'm childish.

Nice cutlery holder just to keep it tidy on my bench. Really can't wait to decorate my house now!

Finally fridge magnets my mum picked up. They're clips so gives a bit more security when hanging papers or pictures! Thought these would be really handy and a fab idea! 

I have to show you this! A 13piece dining set I found in a charity shop for £4.99! It's a bargain and all the money went to a good charity! Lots of charity shops near my new flat so I will be spending most of my time in there!! 

Anyway hope some of these ideas helped you decide what you need for uni! The more money you save before the more you'll have to spend in freshers week!! 

"The rest is still unwritten" 


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