Saturday, 7 September 2013

August and September Favourites

There are a few items I have been LOVING these past couple of months. 

Something which I have noticed a lot of people have been raving about are the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M. I have acquired four of these nail polishes so far in the colours blueberry, guava, passionfruit and mango. Unlike the normal Barry M nail varnishes I find that these chip less! This means my nail varnish always looks fresh and the colours are lovely and bright. These products definitely deliver on their Hi-Shine promise! I absolutely LOVE these nail polishes and I can say I have made use of Boots and Superdrug's offers on this product! I want to buy more however, as I am now a living a student lifestyle my money has to be spent wisely. Sadly this means I'm clutching onto my pennies!


Next is the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show Off. After trying out several mascaras I have found that this one has worked best for me and it is cheaper to buy than the other brands I was trying, such as No7. I think I've now decided that I prefer wands to the brushes. They seem to give a neater finish rather than 'clogging' up your lashes with blobs of mascara. As I'm living the student lifestyle this product is ideal as it isn't too expensive. I think I paid £4 in Wilkinsons second time round and I noticed Boots had it on offer  when this product was first released at £4.99. However, I am unsure how much this product is priced at currently. Maybe if you are interested in this product it would be best to shop around as the money you save does add up!

 My new handbag I have fallen in love with is my small green satchel from Accessorize. I bought this as a present for myself for my birthday. I paid £17 for it and it has been worth every penny! I use this bag when I go out in town on nights out as the clasp is harder to open. This means I feel safer keeping my phone, purse and key in it without having to worry about anyone rooting in my bag without me noticing! Another plus about this bag is that it was cheap and it was in my favourite colour-green. I've had this bag since April, but it's taken me all summer to realise how much I use it and how useful it really is! I can fit my iPod classic (another gadget I have been loving as I have just invested in a new iPod), my phone, makeup and key. Perfect little bag!

VO5 Frizz Relief Elixir Miracle Mist. This spray is something I use usually on a day to day basis. When I have showered I towel dry my hair and spray this down the full length of my hair. It smells divine! Then I brush through my hair and blow dry. I think it does help to control my hair but also it smells so lovely! This was given to me by a friend so I am unsure of pricing but obviously price varies wherever you shop. A benefit of this is that it doesn't make your hair greasy. Some sprays if used make your hair funny as if it hasn't been washed properly. This product is fab if you want an nice smelling spray which is easy to use on a daily basis!

These socks are the cutest socks I have purchased in a long time! I bought them from ASDA today and they have four designs each pair having a different animal on. They were £4 which is a bargain! Would recommend these as they are really cute and if you're wanting a cheap pair of socks for daytime use these would be ideal!

Miss Sporty Eyeliner. I hadn't used liquid eyeliner before I purchased this. However, I found this really easy to use! Despite it being a cheaper brand I have found this product perfectly adequate for when I go out in town. I haven't used any other brand yet so I can't really compare this to other liquid liners but from my experience when I don't really feel up to using my pencil I find if I have more time this eyeliner can look fab. Yes that is a downside, I have to leave more time to use this product. It takes a while to dry and perfecting a neat block line is hard (well for me at least). But to say I haven't used make up a lot this is easy when you get used to it. It just takes a few applications to find the right method!

No7 Gel-look Shine Nail Varnish. This is the most expensive nail varnish I have bought recently! It doesn't say on the bottle what colour it is but you can tell it is a deep pink colour. I also bought this colour in a red wine shade. I only bought these because there was a deal on No7 products at the time in Boots. I find the brush is really good for applications. Although having longer nails would be easier! I bought this before trying Barry M Gelly Varnishes. I prefer Barry M just because they are cheaper and still give the same effect. However, this is still a good nail varnish although it isn't really affordable for my new student lifestyle! Definitely a treat!

Well that's all for today's blog. Let me know if you liked this type of blog. I was going to do a university themed one. That way I can show you the things I have bought for university and you never know you might see something in there that you think you'll need!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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