Sunday, 15 September 2013

Moving Day Part 3


Phew! Only just got into bed after a mad day! This morning was pretty lazy and I really thought I would achieve nothing! However, that is not the case as I have finally, after a week of avoiding it, packed my room up ready for my belongings to be taken in my car to my flat. I have 2 suitcases, make up box, tv, 2 lamps, shoe box and a few other items to load into my car ready for the journey to Horsforth. 

My head has just hit the pillow as I'm writing this on my iPhone today. I can not even think about moving, I am literally that tired! Unfortunately tomorrow I have A LOT to do! I have to load the car up, sort out broadband, drive to Horsforth, unpack and put away everything, do the food shop, spend some time with my auntie and cousin and get everything ready for Abz's visit to my flat. I also am planning on doing my first vlog to upload onto my YouTube channel. Now I don't know when this would be uploaded but it will most likely be when my Internet is installed which could be Tuesday/Wednesday! Hopefully my brother will be able to help me set it up as my dad is working back in London. When Abz is visiting I will also be vlogging as well! Might even do a video challenge, I'll see how camera friendly I'm feeling! 

I'm so excited for University now! Seeing everyone move away and update their status' and photos showing their freshers only makes me more excited! However, with it being my first night in my flat tomorrow I'm a little nervous! I'll be fine when I've slept there once it's just the first time! I can't wait for you all to see my journey through University and I hope you continue to read my blog! I have a lot of exciting things coming up! 

Remember "the rest is still unwritten" 


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