Thursday, 12 September 2013

Moving Day: Part 1

Here's how I plan to write this blog. I'm writing this entry at certain points of the day (whenever I get a spare minute) sort of like a diary. That way I feel it'll make this particular blog a bit more interesting! Well it's something I haven't done yet so here goes nothing! 

Thursday 12th September 


Post move. Currently I'm feeling excited but a little nervous. I'll be honest I really don't want to move because I'm so happy here with my family and I'm really going to miss my dog. I know it's only in Leeds but it's a MASSIVE change! Being small as I've mentioned before I feel I've always acted younger than I actually am. As a result this move seems really daunting. Plus mum admitted the other day that she was going to miss having me around all the time. That made me feel worse cause I love her to bits even though we fight a lot! Oh dear got a few tears in my eyes now! I swear since I started writing this I've become an emotional wreck over the Internet! Ah well! Chin up Megs. I know deep down I can do this, this may be hard but it's just having the courage to take that first big step and in a few weeks I'll be in a routine and it'll be normal. I have to start growing up (yeah right). 

I've already made one grown up decision. I've decided that I am capable to drive over to my flat tomorrow following my mum. I'm not a big risk taker when driving, hence why I probably haven't tackled motorways yet! But I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and so far with regards to my driving that has been a good thing! Anyway before I ramble I'll end this section here!

Friday 13th September


Knackered. I haven't even been to the flat yet! So far dad's flight back to the UK was delayed due to thunderstorms, his train connection cancelled and mum has had to go and get him from Manchester airport. I had to find the tortoise some food. During the hunt for leaves outside Bob decides to run off and chase our cat Ginger into next doors land. I was so mad at him! I had to run and grab him cause he wouldn't leave the cat alone! So I've finally collapsed on the sofa after a hectic morning and really my day hasn't even begun yet. Turns out we're moving furniture tomorrow instead of today! Oh and to add to everything I couldn't find my Swim Deep tickets. Turns out after rooting through the bins my dad had thrown them away when he was tidying up and hadn't looked in the envelope properly! Update to follow later today! 


I'm shattered. I have just fallen into bed after a busy, stressful and hectic first day. Not everything went to plan as there were a few hiccups with regards to my flat. However, these problems were soon sorted out by my lovely new landlord! I've met one of my neighbours who seems really friendly. I've also spoken to a local man who told me about the shops and cheeky wine bars in the area-woo! 

I've cleaned my kitchen and unpacked everything so it's ready for my furniture to be moved in tomorrow! 

My kitchen

I'm so happy with it so far! Worried about all this furniture fitting in tomorrow! Please please pleeeeease fit in!!!!

"The rest is still unwritten" 


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