Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bingley Music Live 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm back from my weekend away at Bingley and I have to say I've had an interesting weekend! It's been good in terms of spending time with my friends, however I thought the line up this year wasn't on par with previous years.

The road trip began later than I expected due to having to sort out some problems with my university, however I was on the road to Ruth's by 10am. I underestimated how much stuff people were bringing and in my head I thought Derek was bigger!

There's all my food and stuff I was taking to the festival. Nice how my dog chose to hop in on the picture!

Poor Derek was more or less full before I left my house! With 3 pick up's to go I was feeling optimistic about fitting all of us in the car! After picking up Ruth, Rais and Fran I had a car full to the brim and 3 squashed passengers! I apologise to Ruth and Fran for the cosy but uncomfortable trip to Bingley! Finally at 12.30pm we arrived at Lane End Campsite. This was my first year driving over and I have to say that I would do it again! The trains and long trek last year were not fun! After 3 attempts at parking we were ready to unpack the mountains of stuff we had bought and begin to construct the 3 tents (which we later realised we didn't really need, although we were thankful for the extra space when it was cold)!

We headed down to the arena in time to see my favourite artist Nina Nesbitt. I thought she was fab! It was my first time seeing her live and I will be seeing her again on her tour in Leeds. I thought her outfit was amazing and that she sounded even better live!

In terms of which acts I saw on Friday it was a quiet one! I waited until the Human League but I only knew a few of their songs! We headed back to our campsite and tent and called it an early night. It was so freezing in that tent even with a hoodie, leggings and a sleeping bag! I have to say I didn't have the best first night's sleep. However, the next day I was up early and ready for the days events. I decided to make pasta with my friend Tamzin. I couldn't believe something that was so easy to make at camping tasted so nice! It felt like I was back at home. Safe to say I'm feeling more confident about living at University on my own!

On Saturday we made our way to the arena again and sat on the slope. When we got there the Temperance Movement were playing, I didn't like their type of music much! After they finished their set the Loveable Rogues took to the main stage. I anticipated their performance however as soon as they opened their mouths I was underwhelmed! They sounded terrible! It seems they have changed a lot since they first auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. We weren't impressed and refused to stick around for the rest of their set so we went to the second stage. It was nice to sit and chill out and listen to some different music.

Before this blog gets much longer I'll cut this short. On Saturday I also saw The Fratellis, a few songs from Primal Scream, Wilko Johnson who was so good! Blackbeard's Tea Party were also surprisingly jolly but the singing wasn't great!

Sunday was probably my favourite day. I was surprised by Issimo on the second stage, they were really good! I also liked China Rats and I fell in love with Theme Park. They might be my new obsession! JJ Rosa was also surprisingly good!

Before I end this blog here are some of the pictures I took whilst I was there!

China Rats

The Fratellis

JJ Rosa

Rose and the Howling North

Rose and the Howling North

Rose and the Howling North

Theme Park

Theme Park

Wilko Johnson
Right that's it for this blog! Thank you for reading! Remember "The rest is still unwritten"

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