Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tom Odell- Long Way Down

This past week I have been in my car a lot! We all know that with car journeys come music playlists! This week's car journeys have been focused on Tom Odell's album 'Long Way Down'. His album has most definitely been on repeat almost everyday and I have to admit this is going to be added to my favourite album's list! 

'Grow Old With Me' is a lyrically perfect song which demonstrates a relationship people would like to have that lasts for a lifetime. Wherever you are when you're listening to this song I can guarantee you can connect with the lyrics and for me it makes it an intricate and flawless song to be enjoyed by all. 

'Another Love' is probably one of Odell's well known songs. It is still one of my favourite tracks of the album the meaning is pretty clear and one which I think many can relate to. This person has been hurt badly in a previous relationship, and because of this is unable to love and show care in his present one, even though he so badly wants to. It's a lovely but emotive song, one where you connect with the character created as you feel how defeated and frustrated he is with himself.

My top songs off the album will have to be 'I know' and 'Can't Pretend'. These are songs that actually make me cry because I can relate to emotions created in both songs. Yes it hurts when songs evoke certain responses from you, however it is good to have something that can help you have an outlet for that emotion. I listen to these songs when I'm feeling a little down in my car and singing along can sometimes be the best cure for being down if I'm honest. Odell's voice is almost haunting (but in a good way). He can be delicate but powerful in his performances and I think the whole album has really showcased what he can do to all of us. 

If you managed to get tickets for his tour I can tell you that I am VERY jealous and wish I was lucky enough to be able to see him. He is one of those artists that every song I get lost in. I always will be honest about songs and albums I listen to. If you are looking for an album I would highly recommend you buy this one! I bought 'Long Way Down' when out in Leeds in HMV for £4.99 so it was a steal and I would've paid more. 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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