Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Representing Leeds Festival 2014

Hey Guys,

Exciting news for me is that I will be representing Leeds Fest this year. What this means is that I will be helping to sell more tickets for the festival involving me to see people ticket vouchers or asking people to use my link when buying a Leeds Fest ticket this year. I'm really excited to be representing this festival and hopefully some of you can use my link and buy some tickets so you can go and enjoy the festival this year. I'm working with We Represent to promote the festival and we work to promote different events everywhere not just festivals! I can assure you that Leeds is always a good festival to attend as I have lots of friends who have attended each year. So far I have access to pre sale vouchers and tickets at the end of January these will end and the general sale will begin. The key thing is to remember that you need to get your hands on Pre-Sale tickets and give yourself the opportunity to attend the festival at a discounted price. 

Alternatively if you would prefer to wait until the next announcement of acts then you could wait until the end of the pre sale before the general sale begins. At this stage I am told that the start of the general sale will coincide with another announcement of acts set to take to the stage at Leeds Festival.

Leeds Festival is always a great weekend so don't miss out while the tickets are cheaper.

My Ticket link: http://www.fatsoma.com/leeds-festival-2014-1/100542?r=1682081170

My twitter: @Megsiemay95 (if you have any questions)

Email: Megsiemaysmiles@gmail.com

Would really appreciate it if you did use my link when buying your tickets!!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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