Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 5: Busy and exhausted

Hello Bloggers 

It has come as a shock that I have managed to keep on schedule with my blog posts. I try to write them in advance rather than on the day so that if something comes up then I am not rushing and publishing a half-hearted post. 

These last few weeks back at University have been so busy and stressful. I've had to try and find my own placement, drop a module after realising it's not what I want to do, making sure I'm ready for the University trip to Yprés as well as ensuring I have sorted documents and tickets for my trip to London for the Nursery World Show. 

Stress. Stress. Stress.

I have to admit that this is taking it's toll on me. I get stressed and then my sleep gets disrupted. Another thing to note is that I've been having the strangest dreams- really weird. 

Uni is so hard and sometimes I don't realise how hard it actually is. This post is going to be a shorter one today as I certainly have a lot on my plate right now! I guess we all have those weeks where everything gets on top of us! 

Hope you're all managing stress better than I am!

'The rest is still unwritten' 


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