Monday, 12 January 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 4: Lazy

Hello Bloggers!

I feel that I've swapped positivity for laziness. I feel like I've either aged or morphed into a cat. I constantly nap or yawn. I mean that can't be good right? I'm putting it down to the fact that returning to University has been a shock to the system. I can't cope with these dark, cold, early mornings!

I wake up most mornings cocooned in my tartan blanket underneath 2 duvets and another big blanket (necessary when living in a barn conversion) and my hot water bottle has left this wonderful pocket of warm air. You can't blame me really for not wanting to move! 

I do, however, believe I have been productive as I have watched nearly all 4 seasons of Heroes on Netflix. Yes not an achievement for some people but I haven't regretted a second I spent napping or watching this series. I have loved every character and I'm sad I'm coming towards the end. Not as sad as I was when I finished Gossip Girl though. That was a bad Summer to say the least! 

One positive thing that has happened so far this year is that I got a first in my alternate placement essay which I'm over the moon with!

A dilemma has arisen from my laziness, when I do finish Heroes I have to find a new boxset and I have NO idea where to begin!

This is where I look to you guys! Please keep fuelling my laziness and recommend your favourite box sets to me!

Although, lazy days can't last forever and I do have to open my eyes and see that I actually have to do my work *cries*.

I hope you're all ok and enjoying being back at school/university/work.

Please leave your box set suggestions below!

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  1. Pretty little liars hands down!

    1. Funny you should suggest that as I started watching this last night! Good call it is so good so far!