Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuneful Tuesday's 4: Artist of the week

Hello Bloggers!

Hozier. Hozier. Hozier.

Need I say more really?

Now for those of you who missed out on the Graham Norton show please go and check it out on BBC iPlayer. This is not only because Hozier was performing his most iconic track 'Take Me to Church' but also because Meryl Streep, Mark Ruffalo (who I keep calling Mark Gruffalo- primary teaching problems) and Ewan McGregor were hilarious. I haven't laughed at something that much in a while!

Another place you may have heard Hozier is on the opening scenes of Silent Witness Hozier's 'To Be Alone' was playing.

He's growing in popularity (hence the reason why many of his dates have sold out) DON'T WORRY I GOT TICKETS THIS TIME! I'm seeing him in Leeds on May 28th if any of you will be there. Look for the crazed loon fan-girling.

His self titled debut album has been something that has been on repeat on Spotify and I don't think I can rave about how good this is enough! Ever song for me is different but it flows perfectly from track to track. Really good when you're writing an essay because you can listen to a few chilled out ones then climb on your bed for a quick break to dance and air guitar to the more upbeat ones (yes obviously I was doing this). However, starting to think I'm ageing quite quickly as I swear I pulled my hip getting out of bed. I'm already a Granny and I've not even turned 20 yet.

Usually I would pick out my favourite tracks, however that would mean listing the entire album and that's pointless. Instead I'm recommending you either purchase tickets to see him if you haven't already, and if you haven't listened to his album then I urge you to! It's available on Spotify, iTunes and of course YouTube.

If you have a listen let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions of who I should feature. I do reply to comments on here.

Hope you're enjoying me being more organised and on schedule- have to say it's new for me!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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