Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bastille Gig Manchester Academy

Support Acts: Swiss Lips and Chloe Howl.

Merch picked up: Bastille Tour T-shirt and Limited Edition signed lithograph from Swiss Lips merch stand.

First up on stage was Swiss Lips. Now I had heard good things about this band, however, I hadn't had chance to listen to their stuff. Nevertheless I soon got into their catchy tunes. They had fab stage presence so much so I couldn't take my eyes off them! The set was fab considering I didn't know any songs. I am considering buying tickets for one of their shows. If you want a band that offer cheap tickets but are worth every penny then I can assure you that this band is worth checking out!

There was quite a long wait between changing of the acts. Chloe Howl came on around 8.15. They didn't introduce themselves I had to go and find her on Twitter! I am pleased I found out who she was as I thought her voice was amazing and so original. I would also recommend checking out her music and buying tickets for any upcoming shows she has as she is an act worth seeing! Her dancing was pretty groovy as well.

Now the wait after Chloe Howl was excruciatingly long! Bastille came on FINALLY around 9.20. They opened with Bad Blood. The crowd was fab they weren't rowdy they were all there to appreciate the music rather than mosh pit and acting like 5 year old pushing eachother around! Bastille had the projector showing videos and clips behind them which I thought was really effective and added drama to the show. Dan's dancing was fab as well. I think I've labelled it 'Dorky Dancing' cause it was so cute and it was fun to watch him having fun on stage.

When 'Flaws' began Dan had put his hoodie on and his hood up and jumped into the crowd leaving the rest of the band members on stage. He made his way quite easily through the crowd still managing to make every note sound effortless! He climbed up on a raised stage part by the sound section and sung to us all (starting to think Dan has a thing for climbing).

When they played 'Of the Night' Dan kept gesturing for us all to crouch on the floor and when the chorus kicked in jump up and go mad. That's probably why half the pictures aren't as good as they could've been!

The encore featured Icarus and Pompeii (from what I can remember) I have to admit I soon forgot what order things came in due to the excitement and my phone dying so I couldn't record the songs when they were performed! Nevertheless that was the second time I have seen Bastille and I have to say they seem to just get better everytime! I hope I get to attend one of their shows again soon as I will never tire of seeing them live!

If you get the chance to go to a gig I would highly recommend them as they don't disappoint! I'll leave you with a few pictures!

"The rest is still unwritten"


Swiss Lips (quite hard to take photos from my angle due to choice of lighting!) 

Chloe Howl

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