Thursday, 3 October 2013

Middle of the week!

Today I had my first music lesson. This isn't where I learn to play an instrument, but this is where I learn how to teach music in primary schools. So far this has been my favourite lesson! I feel that music might be a strength of mine once I learn everything! Although I had the early morning I was glad that I finished at 11am. I decided to take a trip to the Asda that was 15mins from Uni in the car.

*car music*
Currently my car music is listening to Two Door Cinema Club's new EP. Changing of the Seasons is my favourite track, however overall I think this is an EP you should all be buying!

Anyway back to Asda, I bought a few things and drove back home to bake a cake in my new oven! I may have burnt it a bit but overall I'm happy with the end product.

I feel today I've been a bit productive! I also went for a walk further into Horsforth and looked around the charity shops. I would recommend that you should always take a look if you have time! It's so good what you can find! I bought two DVD's Atonement and the old version of Fame. I think it's rained all day but I managed to catch a few dry hours on my walk!

Came back made dinner (chicken wrapped in bacon with potato waffles and salad) and watched some recorded TV. Then my friend Abz and I tried to FaceTime and call eachother but I think she's pretty busy with Uni. Plus her Uni Wi-Fi isn't as good as the internet we would use at home!

My question of the day is;

Do you play an instrument? If you do what is it and how long have you played for? Maybe there's an instrument you'd wished you had learnt! Let me know in the comments below!

I wish I'd learnt to play the guitar. If anyone wants to teach me feel free!

"The rest is still unwritten"

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  1. I play the guitar you spoon! Played that for 7 years and the keyboard for 4 ;)