Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Today's blog post will be about motivation. I though this would be quite accurate since I have been quiet on writing blogs recently. I do apologise for this as I just am going through a patch of writers block. I knew it would happen at some point especially since I'm trying to post daily blogs! However, this will not deter me! I have a few things to talk about right now.

I think motivating myself to do work becomes an extra task. So in trying to get myself to work my way through the tasks I have to do I feel I end up with more tasks...if that makes any sense! I have just joined the gym at my Uni which I'm feeling excited about. Although I have tried gyms before I am determined to make this work! I have just had my induction tonight and I literally can't wait for my first gym session. I better get a playlist sorted out on my playlist might be put in my next blog post.

I think I find it hard to motivate myself because I'm afraid of failing. I start blogs and then I can't finish them simply because I'm afraid that they'll be rubbish. I have to admit recently I was motivated to write them because I was getting some encouraging comments. I cannot tell you how distressing it is to get writers block when I really really want to write my blogs!

Regardless of my lack of motivation with certain things I feel that today (Wednesday) has been a really productive day! Yesterday I made spaghetti carbonara which I adored! Tonight I made turkey breast, new potatoes and a caesar salad. Then I made eton mess for pudding. Then I think why the hell did I join a gym when I'm sat eating all these calories?! Buuuuuut I am having friends round tomorrow for movie and pizza night so I won't be watching the calories then either! Gym starts Friday (maybe)!

Last night was also fun because I found out I'm seeing Bastille on Tuesday night! I'm so excited to see them live again! So I will thank my Dad! Then I am seeing the wonderful and beautiful Nina Nesbitt on Sunday. SO EXCITED!

Do any of you struggle with motivating yourself? If you do how do you attempt to overcome this? Let me know in the comments below because any suggestions would be helpful!

That's all for today!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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