Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Can you understand my obsession?

Two Door Cinema Club. Now I understand that I talk about them a lot...but I have good reason to! Quite frankly they are perfection and I don't think there is one song by them that I don't like or rather LOVE. Now some may think that I'm not that obsessed but I will let you in on a little secret. Well it's not really a secret as I've told almost everyone! On the 13th December TDCC are playing the O2 Arena and every Two Door fan will most probably be there (who live in the UK of course). it will be the first arena they will play on their tour so it's a HUGE deal. Anyway the point is I'm unfortunately still at Uni that day so I won't finish till 4! Now "how will I get to the concert you say?" well here's how!

4pm I will run like mad to my taxi that I will have ordered to Horsforth Train Station. I will then hop on the train to Leeds Train Station.

Upon my arrival at Leeds Train Station I will meet my best friend Rais and we will catch the 5.15pm train to London Kings Cross (1st class oooo aren't we posh).

We will arrive around 7.30 (yes we are aware the concert starts around 6.30) HOWEVER I do not mind missing the first act I am here for TDCC only.

Meeting my dad and handing him my bag and then catching the tube to the O2 arena. I hope to arrive by 8pm.

Now I have been in close contact with the Two Door fans and we all agree that I will most likely get there in time so I will be ok!


But seriously if I met them I think I'd have a fangirl moment. I mean I might have a slight crush on Alex Trimble (no big deal).

Moving on! One of the other things I love about TDCC is their superb fanbase. I have made a lot of friends because of this band and they are all lovely people. I am hoping I run into a few when I'm down in London because I'd love to meet them!

Their new EP is outstanding in my personal opinion. It has been on repeat in my car when I drive to my flat, when I drive home and when I drive to Uni. It really puts me in a good mood and consequently excited for their upcoming show! If I could go to the Blackpool show as well believe me I would because I'd see them anytime I could!

So I know that everyone will most likely have an obsession! If you do you aren't alone I mean it's perfectly normal to have something that you care a lot about or have a hobby you love doing. Mine just happens to be going to gigs. Speaking of gigs next week I'm seeing Nina Nesbitt at the Cockpit which I'm dead excited about! Then I'm seeing Imagine Dragons in November and TDCC in December so a gig a month is alright. I mean there are many other gigs that I'm dying to go to but Dad's making sure I'm starting to save money since y'know "I'm a student". Just waiting to find a job that fits around my Uni course as at the minute it's really hard to find one that offers the hours I could work. However, I stay hopeful that I will find one that I will enjoy and can balance with Uni work.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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