Thursday, 10 October 2013

Megan's 'must listen to' list volume 1

New music is always hard to find. However, I have a few artists that I spend my days listening to and I thought even if you've heard of these bands you may not have listened to them. I believe that everyone loves to hear new music so I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you.

Number One- Two Door Cinema Club
- Yes I am aware that I 'witter' on about this band A LOT. However this is with good reason. TDCC have two albums (Tourist History and Beacon) and they have just released their new EP. I would recommend this band to anyone who wants a new sound to get into. When you listen to their albums from beginning to present you can see how their sound has developed. I cannot explain my love for them anymore than I have already. When/if you listen to this band you will understand my love for them!

Number Two Of Monsters and Men
- I'm sure you will all have heard 'Little Talks' but since that song was played on the radio this band seems to have been forgotten about. However their album 'My Head Is An Animal' is still one of my favourites and most played on my iPod. We haven't seen the last of this band and I can't wait to see what they release next.

Number Three Shannon Saunders
- Shannon has been around on YouTube for 4 years now and started posting covers of songs. Now she's writing her own stuff I cannot be more excited about this artist. Before Shannon was showcasing her amazing voice and when she came onto the scene with her original songs I loved her even more as an artist. Now as I unfortunately don't live in London I wasn't able to see her live. Although this year I was lucky enough to see her when she was on tour with Lewis Watson. It was such a cute intimate gig and I was lucky enough to meet her afterwards! If you get a chance to see her live or buy one of her songs don't miss that opportunity because you won't regret it!

Number Four Tyler Ward
- Another YouTube star who has released his first album and has been touring over Europe and America. I was lucky enough to see him 2 years ago in Manchester and he is FINALLY returning. I love the way he acts on stage. He seems so natural and happy when he chats to us while he's performing. I love seeing him live because the gigs are so much more intimate. After his show last time I got my poster signed and met him. It was the best day ever and I couldn't of been more happy. He is such a lovely guy! His voice is amazing and one of my favourite songs to hear live is 'Falling'. When he sings his part and then gets the audience to sing it is so amazing to hear. Thinking about it now I can't stop smiling. I can't wait to see him again I just need to book tickets now. If you are able to get tickets for his tour please don't miss your opportunity because you will NOT be disappointed.

Number Six Frank Hamilton
- Frank has just finished his tour (this evening I believe) and I hear good things about it! Now I have seen him live when he was on tour with Lewis Watson. However, I wasn't able to see him live on his tour this time round due to uni commitments. What I can say is that his album is amazing. His songs are so witty and interesting as well as having an amazing looking album. I'm lucky enough to have had it signed by Frank and I hope I will be able to see him again soon! If any of you get to see him live you will not be disappointed as he give you an intimate experience that makes it seem like it is personal to you and you're the only one there! I can assure you this isn't the last we've heard of Frank I know one day he'll be big.

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