Monday, 7 October 2013

Perks of being a fresher

Taken inspiration from a film title there!

Anyway for all of you who have just begun University you may not be aware of all the money saving deals there are out there! McDonalds are ok if you're planning to buy a meal and then want some added FREE extras. If you have your student ID card on you, you can get a free cheeseburger, hamburger or mcflurry. However if you have your NUS card on you, you can get a free portion of fries. If you have both these cards you could get a cheeseburger and free fries!

As I am a fresher I have signed up to a lot of student sites. Student beans is a good site for jobs and offers. I have signed up to them for email alerts and they've sent me some great offers. As well as alerting you of the offers you're able to get, they also show you the funny student cooking disasters (some of which are unbelievable), as well as fun recipes (this week vodka jelly)! As with many emails not everything was useful, however sometimes it has saved me money.

Another advantage the NUS card gives you is 10% off your shopping at the Co-op! Now at first look this may not seem like a lot, however every penny you save adds up! I guarantee you that the money you save will most likely pay for a drink on a night out (within reason of course)!

Something that you all should take charge of are the Student Lock In's. I went to the one at Meadowhall in Sheffield. I'd never been before and I can honestly say it was so much fun! It was hectic but exciting as well. We got given a lot of free stuff, my friend won free nandos and I got a lot of good deals on clothes!

Now if you happen to miss these student lock in's never fear! Although the discount may not be as good and there won't be many freebies you will get a student discount if you have your NUS card on you. Now what is this NUS and is it worth investing in? Your NUS is useful if you're a shopper at heart! If you enjoy going out to the cinema etc I think sometimes it can be used to get you deals on things like cinema tickets as well. I think I paid £11 for mine which lasts me for a year. However, if you want to save money you can buy this for £32 (I think!) which lasts you for 3 years. Obviously this is an investment that eventually pays for itself!

So as you can see there are many ways for you to save money as a student as well as having many perks! These are a few simple ways there are obviously more!

Also a TOP TIP! Should you need books for your course shop around before buying! I bought all mine off amazon for £166. It was easier buying them there because the amount I saved on the other site ended up being spent on postage. At amazon the delivery was free.

I hope these few money saving tips have helped and that you're all enjoying university!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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