Thursday, 3 October 2013

Keeping the bond

Life always has it's ups and downs and everyone knows that when times get rough it's the support around you that helps you get through it. The sad thing is that we go through life and the people around us change all the time. I think it's bad that when we become closer to people we seem to forget the people we were close to previously. It's ok to make new relationships and friendships, but why would you want to completely forget the people who used to mean everything to you?

One of my regrets in life is that over the years I have lost some of my closest friends because of loss of contact and because it was difficult to keep in contact. If I spoke to them now some wouldn't even remember me and others wouldn't know how to hold a conversation with me. In short these people have become strangers to us. We don't know everything about them like we once used to and the trust that was previously there is now just a scar of what was before.

Why write a blog about this? Well since moving to university I have realised how important it is to make new friends as well as appreciating the existing friendships I already have. The more friends you have, the more support you receive when times are hard. My friends have moved to different parts of the UK and although I don't see them I still text them. Some are easier to keep in contact with like Abz because we have so much in common and because before she left we were so close. In all honesty I think I miss Abz the most. I miss going into sixth form and plugging in my iPod listening to 'Now That's What I Call Disney'. I also miss having our late night snapchat sessions whilst watching our favourite YouTubers. We called last night and tried to FaceTime, but it is difficult with her internet at University.

One friend who I wasn't as close to before University was Hannah. We were childhood best friends and she lives about an hour and a half from me now. However distance is no longer the obstacle, it is my timetable and funds! I think this is the worst I have felt. The feeling I get when I know I could see her but that I can't get there is the worst!

One thing I want to advise to people who are already at University or maybe thinking of moving to University or even people who are moving around or have friends moving, make sure you keep in touch with your current friends. It is nice to think that when you return home for the holidays you can be reunited with your old friends and have a good catch up! I think we take people for granted this time and once you lose a friend it is really hard to remake the bond you once had. Don't have any regrets with friendships or relationships you have lost. Life is too short for regrets.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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