Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello my lovely readers!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for being quiet and not updating my blog. A lot has happened and well, things have got on top of me! Last week was Freshers week and I must say I was underwhelmed. However, I have made some firm friends who I hope I will become even closer to over the next three years.


I was excited for Freshers! I have to admit I was a bit shocked that the wristband to get you into all the events was £70! However, upon arriving at the University and finding out that I couldn't get on the events that I wanted I decided not to pay the £70 and instead I was going to pay £35 just for the Freshers ball. On Monday 23rd September I went bowling with the rest of the Freshers group. I was in a team with 7 other girls, who are all really lovely! To say I had just met these girls that day you'd have thought we'd known eachother for years! Sadly I didn't win the first game and instead I came last! However, in the second game I did get 3 spares one of which was from a really difficult split! I felt like a pro! Overall, bowling was pretty fun and a great start to the week.

Wednesday was the Freshers Festival and that was such a cool day as we got loads of free stuff! I signed up for a lot of groups as well. I've also applied to be a student ambassador as well! I have an interview for the position on Thursday which I'm excited about! I just hope that I am feeling a little better by then! 

Thursday was probably one of the more exciting days! I went to the student lock in at Meadowhall with my new friend Megan. She might as well be my twin the amount of things we have in common! This was my first lock in and I have to say the experience was so much fun! It was crazy how many students were there! There were discounts on so many stores I was shocked at how cheap stuff was. We headed to Levi's first. I really wanted to try on a pair of jeans as there was 30% off in store! As excited as I was I couldn't buy a pair of jeans for over £60 when they didn't fit nice. What we did get from Levi's was a wristband that entitled us to two free beers. I don't really know why I drank it because I actually hate beer! Next we wandered out of the store and queued up to try free shots and win Nandos. I was unlucky with the Nandos wheel, but Megan won the best card! A whole chicken or a free meal! We continued to look round the shops at the bargains and I bought a pair of jeans, a new dress and a tshirt from Topman for my brother. It was a fab day! There will be a vlog of this day up on my YouTube channel soon.

Friday night we went to the 90s night at the student union bar. Myself and three other girls (Liv, Megan and Zoe) went as Beanie Babies! We looked so good together! Everyone thought our costumes were fab! It was such a good night and I didn't spend as much money as I thought I would which is always good since I'm now a student! 

Saturday night was the ball (the event I'd forked out £35 for)! I have to say I thought it was a waste of money. I wasn't impressed with the food and the atmosphere seemed dead. Luckily I wasn't the only one as the rest of the students seemed to be leaving and everyone on my table wanted to leave as well. We all got taxis at 10pm. Talk about calling it an early night! 

I wore this to the ball- my hair has grown so much I am dead happy! Future Rapunzel!

Sunday was better. I made my way to my parents home for 10.20am. I watched my brother play rugby and then had dinner with the family. I got my new laptop which I am in love with and I'm currently writing my blog on now (whilst watching Pitch Perfect-again).

This week

So after Freshers week (which included intro lectures) the real lessons and work was beginning. It was Monday morning and I had P.E 10am-1pm. It was actually pretty good! I had made it out to be this horrible thing. It's only because I'm not sporty and I've never been good at sports! Although after yesterday's session it was actually really good!

The bad thing about this week is that I've come down with flu...or something. I have a really bad cough and a cold, my ears are killing as well. Although, I'm back at home now with my mum looking after me.

So a lot has gone on hence why my blog posts have been sparse! I do believe it has made this blog more interesting as a result.

So that's all for now! Hopefully, my next blog will be up soon!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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