Monday, 4 November 2013


I have to say I have had a busy few weeks! I felt now was the appropriate time to hop back on my blog and write another post. Now for Halloween I was a cat for my student union party and when I went out in Leeds I was a vampire. I love the chance to dress up and was really excited to make myself into these characters. Now a cat is easy I know but I didn't have a proper costume so I threw a black t-shirt, disco pants, cat ears, a fluffy cat tail, black converse and I drew on whiskers. Now as the party was really dead and boring my friends and I decided to walk back to my flat and have a PJ party instead. This was much more fun and instead watched Twilight.

It felt like I hadn't seen that movie in ages. I think it's one of my favourites because the movie is so simple and you can tell it had a low budget. In my mind (weirdly) it makes it more believable (but that may just be my opinion).

On Halloween I actually went out in Leeds. We went to Halo. Now for this night I wore fangs (these were dental putty ones and only cost me £2.50 from a shop in Horsforth), I also wore red contact lenses which I bought from a shop in Leeds for £9.99. These were a bargain because I can wear them 30 times and they come with a proper solution. I recommend coloured contacts but I did take my friend who wears contacts on a daily basis with me so she could check them for me. I also bought some fake blood as well (£1.10) from a local shop. Now I did like this but I found it wasn't quick drying. I didn't want it to get on my dress so I decided not to actually wear it out in the end. I blow dryed my hair big and fluffy and messed it up so I looked wild. I also wore a bandage style dress from Topshop. Again as I am a 'flats' kind of girl I wore my converse (again). But it's what I'm comfy in right?

Leeds was fab. A little mad I'll admit but it was good all the same. We left Halo early and ended up in Yates. I think this may have purely been down to cheaper drinks! 

(We had to wait an hour for a taxi so we bought nuggets instead! CHICKEN NUGGET CHALLENGE)

I have to say I have been distant from my blog simply because I have an assignment deadline on Friday and I really want to well so I'm trying to focus on it! Now I felt bad about not writing especially when I enjoy writing my blog so here is my sort of 'update' post. I'm not promising when I'll write again it'll be when I get the time but I can promise you that it still means a LOT that you read my blog and I will try and make them as interesting as possible! 

A song I am loving this week is Drake- Hold on we're going home
A band I am loving this week is We Were Evergreen (now on tour with The Villagers)
I am also finding my love for Maroon 5 again

"The rest is still unwritten"


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