Monday, 25 May 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 14: I'M BACK!

Hello Bloggers! 

I'm very happy to finally say I am back! I have finished placement and I have finished University for the Summer which means that I will be able to spend more time writing my blog. I have to say I have missed writing my blog. It's so nice to cosy up in bed with a cuppa and sit and write some posts, I definitely have a lot to say and don't get me wrong I tried to sit and write a post (hence why I've returned to quite a lot of draft posts), but I've not had the time to finish them. Teaching takes over your life especially when on placement, because I've been working so hard to ensure I get good grades and luckily that's happened I've improved and I finally feel like I can definitely do this! I can't wait to graduate and have my own class!

After going back to University on Friday to hand everything in from placement I have to admit I'm feeling a little worried about final year. Of course the final year is harder, however I have to juggle studies, placement as well as a job hunt! Very, very, very stressful (screams)! Nevertheless, I don't have to think of that until after Summer! 

Summer, Summer, Summer! I am so excited about Summer this year, I have a lot planned for once. If I think back to what I was doing last it was spent watching every season of Gossip Girl on Netflix (totally worth it in the end). However, this year I have lots of exciting things planned that actually involve leaving the house and my bed (shock). 

I'm seeing Dirty dancing tonight at Love Rouge bakery with my friend Adeline. On Thursday I'm seeing Hozier at the O2 Academy with Adeline as well. On Monday it's my little brother's 17th birthday as well as seeing Maroon 5 with Hollie. On the 26th June I'm heading to London with my bestie Adeline again to see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park (very excited), it will be an amazing weekend in London! As if that wasn't enough I'll be going back to London on the 27th July for a short getaway with my boyfriend. So I have a lot planned for this Summer which should mean I must have lots to write for my blog. 

I am blogging whilst watching Gossip Girl again and I'm already on Season 2 and I only started re watching it on Wednesday! Although I assure you all my unhealthy obsession for Gossip Girl will not keep me in this Summer.

I would also like to say I have just started watching Prison Break with Luke as well and I am so engrossed in it! I couldn't recommend it enough! Thank god for Netflix. Think I'll be having a lazy bank holiday Monday watching more episodes with him (yay)! Hope you're all enjoying your extra long weekends!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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