Monday, 11 May 2015

Moody Mondays Volume 13: Feeling positive but ill!

Hello Bloggers!

I'm sat in bed feeling a little worse for wear so I thought I'd take a break from planning/resourcing and write a quick post! My observation went so well on Friday and I'm so so so happy and positive about my progress. I really feel like I can do Early Years- well! Unfortunately, with being in school  comes the dreaded illnesses and germs that get spread around like wildfire! I'm currently feeling sorry for myself with a sore throat, headache and snotty nose. Yes this is a very attractive picture I'm painting of myself (oops). Nevertheless, I've sat and watched 90210 in bed and done planning as well as reading up on teaching blogs to get ideas.

I am really enjoying being positive Megan for a change. I might not be feeling great right now but everything is going good so far. I have lots to look forward to this Summer! I have two trips to London planned, one with Adeline to see Taylor Swift and one with Luke probably to sight see and spend more time together doing 'coupley things'. I am seeing Hozier and Maroon 5 in a few weeks as well as going to a cute cinema screening of Dirty Dancing with Adeline at a bakery in Headingley! Cupcakes and cocktails sounds like an amazing idea (if I do say so myself).

I have less than 11 days till I finish placement and University and then I can look forward to a nice long relaxing Summer to prepare myself for third and final how time has flown. This time next year I will be preparing for graduation and starting a a teacher...with my own class (screams). That idea seems even more daunting than placement itself! NQT year will be hard, but when it's over I know I will continue to improve as the years progress.

I hope you're all doing good! Let me know about your exciting plans for the Summer/weeks ahead! Don't forget to follow me by using the links below!

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