Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Teaching Tips: ABC does

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My teacher has been so helpful with giving me tips and advice so that I can become the best teacher possible. As a result she told me to read up on objective led planning on abc does. It's a blog written by an ex-headteacher. I love blogs like this as they are real experiences coming from someone who has been in the game long enough to have seen the vast changes made to education over the years. After reading these posts I have found so many new ideas I want to try as well as helping me understand objective led planning. I can't express how much I love this idea. It allows me to take the learning to the children in provision differentiating the activities they're engaged in, without them even realising. It doesn't involve pulling the children from provision to a table. This makes learning fun for children instead of being a task they hate doing!

Reading blogs and articles such as abc does allows me to feel positive about going into my own classroom in the future. I'm really excited to put these ideas into practice because I want to see the results for myself. If anyone is struggling like I do sometimes, with EYFS then reading up on blogs such as this one really reassures you! They give you so many ideas and tips to try. It's trial and error and I can't say every idea will work as every class is different!

Please read up on this blog if you have some spare time it really is a good read! Also if you have any good teaching tips/ideas please share them below! Would be lovely to see us help each other!

ABC Does blog: http://www.abcdoes.com

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