Monday, 9 February 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 8: HAPPY MONDAY

Happy Monday Bloggers!

Yes yes yes it is true Megan has been so happy recently that I just have to share this with you all. As you probably know I've spent my weekend in London at the Nursery World Show 2015 and I have learnt so much that will really help with my teaching. If anything it's confirmed which age range I'd like to work with. Ideally working in Reception, but I'd love to be able to get some experience in a Nursery. I met some really inspiring people as well as making new friends.

London was so much fun as I met up with my friend from Kent Life (my placement back in November) and we had some lovely food paired with a beautiful, bubbly bottle of prosseco (mmm)! I also accidentally bought a new piglet in the disney store. How could I resist really? We had a lovely walk to Trafalgar Square which looks beautiful at night. I was singing songs from Frozen at the top of my voice! YES HAPPY MEG!

Selfie's with Piglet and Hannah in Trafalgar Square
Yes it seems that right now I am completely and utterly HAPPY. I can't stop smiling. Someone new has come into my life that makes me incredibly happy and I feel that finally I can move on and forget my worries. Hopefully this year will continue to be good for me because I think after last year I kinda deserve some good luck right? I will of course share with you who this person is, although the time might not be right so I'll leave that until I'm ready to shout it to the world. 

I will be doing individual posts from my London trip. Tomorrow will be another Teaching Tuesday as I have quite a lot to share about the Nursery World show which I think would be quite beneficial to all trainee teachers/teachers who are working with Early Years children. 

The realisation has hit that I unfortunately have an R.E portfolio to finish which is due Thursday (help) but I'm in a good mood so motivation is certainly not lacking! I've got some good music on and I'm grooving whilst working which is always a good sign!

I hope you've all had a good week last week and a good weekend! I hope this week will be good for you! Share with me a positive moment? Today will be a very rare happy, positive Monday for us all.

MONDAY TIP: If you get chance listen to Maroon 5- Sugar. I fully recommend the video and it makes me happy and is soon good. If you've listened to it let me know what you think?

Great shots if you're an Adam Levine fan!

"The rest is still unwritten"

Smiley Megan


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