Monday, 11 August 2014

London Playlist

Now I would say I enjoy a range of different kinds of music. Of course I prefer live music, but then I do love my 90s classics as they are records I grew up with. Mum always had the radio on in the car when I was a growing up and we would always sing together. Especially when we used to live in Essex and make long journeys to see my Grandma and Grandad in Yorkshire music helped take our minds off the long road trip!

My spotify is very diverse in terms of artists and music genres. This is to ensure that no matter what mood I'm in I can always find someone to listen to. 

Foster The People
I have their first album 'Torches' and their second album 'Supermodel'. I love this band and I saw them live at the end of June and they didn't disappoint! They are a fab band to listen to for any long journey as each track is different so something will always fit the mood your in. 

Atlas Genius 
I'll admit I didn't know this band until I found them somewhere. Probably supporting a band but I can't remember which one. I've had their album on my spotify for a few months and I've listened to them especially when revising because their album is so diverse. My favourite song is 'Symptoms' so I would recommend these.

Neon Trees- Everybody Talks
One of my FAVOURITE songs. I can't even tell you how catchy this song is. If you're going to listen to at least one of their songs then this would be the one! The video is great as well. It's based at a Drive-in movie place. I love the fashion at that time so if you're into the 50s/60s America then have a look at the video. 

This band supported Foster The People and I was hooked from their first song. They are quite similar to FTP, and I found that like Twin Atlantic you get their Scottish accents coming through in their songs. This might seem like a weird thing but I like songs that show the artists accents, especially in the UK. They played at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, as well as doing a load of festivals this summer you can;t avoid them and they are going on tour this year which I am hoping to attend. Tickets are cheap so if you want to spend a little bit of money but be hugely impressed then choose this band! 

Taylor Swift
I'm sorry but how could I not? A complete guilty pleasure for me. Megan and I have been having lots of little road trips and she was featured. I love singing at the top of my lungs in my PJs but apparently that's inappropriate on a train (typical)! I've loved her since I heard her album Fearless. Her old songs are my favourites but I don't mind some of her new songs. I'd say go and give her a listen but everyone's hear at least one Taylor Swift song (even my Dad has).

The Neighbourhood 
I wanted to see this band at Live at Leeds but sadly they clashed with other bands and I knew if I saw these I couldn't see King Charles and Circa Waves. But if I was going to Leeds Fest I would definitely put these on my 'to see' list. 'Afraid' is one of my recommendations but you make that decision for yourself, you might prefer others to me.

As I go through my trip to London I'll just keep dropping a few name recommendations in. If you want to recommend any songs or artists to me then that'd be cool. 

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