Monday, 11 August 2014

London Day 1

Today I'm making the trip from Halifax to London. I'm then getting a train from London to Chafford Hundred to see my friend Hannah, where I'll be staying till Thursday. 

Train from Halifax to London
10.40 am

I've just boarded the train with dad and I'm enjoying the perks of first class. Tea and Clotted Cream Shortbread (yum)! I have quite a long train ride till I get to London so I am glad I have my laptop and my phone to keep me entertained for the journey! I'm really excited to visit London and friends back home in Essex. I'm staying at my friend's house till Thursday and I have lots planned to do whilst I am there. 

11.00 am 

As the train ride is going to be at least 3 hours I am putting my new Spotify app to good use! I have all sorts on there plenty of cheesy feel good anthems mixed with of course my favourite artists. Whilst I'm on my trip I'll try and write down some of my favourites from my playlist that I recommend you listen to. 

11.40 am

Tea and biscuits are healthy right? This is my second cup of tea and pack of biscuits. Feeling like a 90 year old. I'm such a cute tech savvy granny. Now playing: Don't Stop- Foster The People.

11.42 am

Now playing: The Seeds You Sow- Prides. I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS BAND OUT. NOW, GO GO GO! Love this song and they're really catchy.

11.50 am
The weather is beautiful today. I'm beginning to realise how pale I am. A real life Casper the Friendly Ghost.

11.55 am
Now playing: Dan Croll- In/Out. He's on tour this year and yes I'm booking tickets as soon as I get back from London. 

11.58 am
Now playing: Catfish and the Bottlemen- Kathleen. Gutted I missed out on these at Live at Leeds, however I will hopefully be booking some tickets to go and see them!

I arrived in London to brilliant sunshine. Dad and I headed for the underground to get us to Fenchurch Street. I boarded a train to Chafford with Dad reminding me of the platform 3 times (unnecessary)! 

I had missed Southern accents. I find them so attractive. When I arrived in Chafford Hundred I was greeted by my best friend and her mum and it felt like I hadn't left even though I've been away for 10 years! They drove me back to their house and we tried to catch up on everything we had missed as well as me meeting their unbelievably cute Yorkshire Terriers Bailey and Rocky. 

In the evening Hannah and I left for the station to meet her friend Cindy and we walked to Lakeside. We were off to watch the new Inbetweeners movie. I was excited to see it as I loved the first one. 

The film was disappointing in my opinion. It really wasn't as good as the first one! The story didn't seem to flow or go anywhere and instead literally just jumped in places. There were some funny scenes but overall it left much to be desired. To say that's their last movie it's a shame because there is so much more they could've done with that. Personally I would've loved to see someone's stag do if one of the four we're getting married. That could've been a good plot. I understand that I might be in the minority with thinking that the film is rubbish. Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think. 

We rolled in about 8ish and I shared a bottle of wine with Hannah's mum. Proved I could drink her under the table haha. Instead of an early night I was expecting we didn't go to sleep till 1am! 

I snuggled down in my bed and soon drifted off to sleep ready to explore London tomorrow! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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