Friday, 8 August 2014

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

This game has been noticeably popular all over social media. As my best friend was playing it I had also downloaded the app and begun playing myself. I can't even remember how long I've had this game but I have found it so addictive and I don't know why! The concept of the game is rather easy. Kim allows us to take on the lifestyle of a model (male or female) and allow ourselves to feel like we're rich when really we're nowhere near that lifestyle in reality and some end up spending some of their money making Kim richer. I have to admit I liked the game at first but as time has gone on it has begun to consume my life and I've noticed some flaws in the game itself.

As I am training to be a teacher I completely understand how easily children are addicted to games and how much it can become something of a focus in life for them. This game sends out such bad messages about the modelling industry. We live in a world today where people care too much about their body and unfortunately this game reinforces it. My friend was playing the other day and the characters in the game said she should get plastic surgery if she wanted to become more famous and get more jobs. That is such a bad message to send to teenagers, especially if they are vulnerable! This is the main problem I find with this game. It is so unrealistic. This game only allows you to make your character skinny, tall and undeniably beautiful. There is no sense of reality in there what so ever and where that may have been an appeal to some people I can tell you it isn't to me! There are such things as plus size models and I can tell you they are also just as beautiful and successful so why can't my character be curvy like Beyoncé? I shouldn't have to change my image to get more famous and it certainly isn't a message we should be enforcing upon the youth of today.

Despite the game being addictive (I can't even explain why) the updates seem to make lagging and game crashing worse. It's annoying when stars go missing or you mean to press 'hello' instead of 'charm'. This game seems hell bent on trying to get you to spend money in some way. It hasn't worked on me though. I feel forking out £69.99 for 'K' stars to buy hairstyles and clothes to be excessive and such a pointless waste of money! 

This game was fab for a few weeks but I'm slowly tiring of it eating up my battery and pinching half of my day, not to mention completely screwing up my sleeping pattern. What can you take from this post? Well just think if you agree with the message it is sending to young children. Let's be honest, most young girls have iPhones early and are able to access this app easily. Of course they would download it if they worship Kim Kardashian. However, should we really allow children to be exposed to such an unrealistic game, which seems to suggest the idea that if we ever want to be models or perfect we have to alter ourselves? This is far from wrong and I'm sure if North was old enough Kim wouldn't want her daughter trying to change herself to be somebody else.

Love who you are and embrace your body. 

What do you think of the Kim Kardashian game? 

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