Sunday, 17 August 2014

London Day 2

I woke up at 8am today after waking up nearly every hour last night. I gave in and went downstairs. I settled in an armchair with a glass of OJ and watched the news. I have to say I was really lazy this morning and during a Jeremy Kyle break I made myself some crumpets whilst Hannah made me a cup of tea! 


I'm just about dressed after a hot shower to wake me up. Today's plan is to go to London specifically Covent Garden and shop. I know CG is expensive so I'm trying to keep my spending low! 

We headed for The Slug and Lettuce for lunch. After inspecting the whole menu I decided to order a Baked Carbonara which came with lovely crusty garlic bread perfect for dipping! Ice cold water was welcomed in the heat and refresh us before we set off on our travels around London. 

Just bought a new charm for my pandora bracelet. I think that final charm means I've finally finished my bracelet! I decided to buy a London bus to signify my trip to London. It's so cute and finishes my bracelet off perfectly! If you like this charm this is available at most pandora stores and is £40. 

Covent Garden was so busy. We popped into Dior (where Hannah bought perfume after much deliberation). In fact Hannah's shopping habits became apparent when she spent £40 on a candle in Jo Malone. As a non candle lover maybe you can understand why I thought this might be a bit extreme! Nonetheless I am happy that she enjoyed herself. 

Our feet were aching by this time and my shoes had started to rub the backs of my feet (thanks Converse). We wandered around a few shops mainly window shopping especially in Cath Kidston. There were so many nice things in there! If I had enough money I could and would've bought the whole shop. 

We gave in and slumped on a wall in Leicester Square to wait for my Dad to come and get us and take us to China Town for dinner. 

Dad found us and took us to a cute little wine bar tucked away in the busy streets of Leicester Square. It was hard to believe such a cute hideaway was here away from all the madness. Dad and I shared some Prosecco and we chatted about our day. Hannah and I were more than excited to devour shed loads of Chinese food! 

After finishing a lovely bottle of bubbles we headed to China Town in search for my dad's favourite place. We had a picture taken outside the entrance to China Town. Sadly this is the only picture Hannah and I had together.

We ordered all our favourite dishes there was so much food on the table. I really enjoyed the duck and the chicken wings in garlic. We almost managed to eat it all I was amazed. Sadly if I had more room I would've tried to fit more in my belly!

Embarrassing story
I somehow managed to eat paper whilst I was eating duck. The paper underneath the pancakes was the same size and shape as the pancakes and I ended up rolling it. I realised it didn't taste right and looked in confusion and my duck pancake. Yes that's right- this idiot had managed to roll the whole lot together including the paper and ate half of it before realising. Needless to say I provided a lot of entertainment for Dad and Hannah so I guess that's something. Here's my evidence. What a plonker I am. 

We began walking the streets of London and passed a shop selling t shirts. I saw one that said "keep calm I'm a teacher" and I knew I had to get it! Luckily dad was in a generous mood and kindly bought it for me! 

I saw the outside of one of my favourite shows 'Les Mis' and wished I could have seen it again! 

Dad had put us on a train back to Chafford. We walked home and I immediately hopped into my pjs. I stayed up chatting for a bit but apart from that nothing much happened! 

More to come tomorrow! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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