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Belated Moody Monday's Volume 17: Catching Up

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wow it has been a busy one! As you know I was in London last weekend (26th-29th June) with Adeline to see Taylor Swift. As a result I didn't have the time to write a blog post for the Monday so I'm REALLY sorry about that!

I thought I could use this post to do what I always do and catch you up on everything that happened in London and the week just gone. 

Adeline and I were lucky enough to travel first class down on the train and it was great because we got endless cups of tea, biscuits, cake, sandwiches and crisps. I will pre warn you that this post will focus a lot on the food that I have eaten (which is a lot and every bite was yummy)! 

We arrived in scorching London and checked into the Liverpool Street Travelodge. Dad had booked us into a family room and the extra space was welcomed especially in the heat! After freshening up and getting ready to go out we left to explore the streets. I wanted to take Adeline to Jamie's on Creechurch Lane. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco (of course) and some nachos to go with it. Both were divine and it was really nice to sit and have a drink and a chat about the forthcoming weekend. 

After we had finished at Jamie's we went to Moo Grill (another place I'd been before and loved). They have the best steak ever. I'm not usually a steak fan but every mouthful was so tasty. So tasty in fact that my mouth is watering at this very minute upon remembering this meal! I ordered the Fillet Steak, the most expensive but definitely worth it, with fries and garlic mayo. We'd already had prosecco so we decided to just have water as it was far too warm! Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of this meal (boo) so you'll just have to imagine what I'm describing but I would definitely recommend you visit! 

After our steaks we strolled back to our hotel and watched Florence playing at Glastonbury snuggled into our comfy beds. She was fabulous by the way and if you didn't see her then it's available to watch on BBC iPlayer. It is definitely worth a watch! 


We were definitely well rested after a good first night's sleep in London. I was incredibly excited for Taylor Swift as we were seeing her that afternoon in Hyde Park. We showered and dressed and dragged our luggage down to Polo Bar for breakfast. This cafe is amazing and had such great reviews but we simply stumbled upon it that morning. We were starving so Adeline and I ordered the Polo Bar Special. Instead of egg I swapped mine for a hash brown. They were more than happy to accommodate this request. The staff were friendly and the place was really lovely to eat in. The food was so good and we felt ready for the long day ahead!

We headed for the tube and went to get checked in at the Hilton Hotel. Whilst we waited for our room to be ready we left our bags with the concierge and strolled to Starbucks and then taking our drinks to chill out in Green Park. The weather was beautiful and it was really nice to see so many families and friends enjoying the sun with a picnic and cheeky drink! 

After getting comfortable in our room at the Hilton we walked up to Hyde Park. I was beyond excited for Taylor Swift and we were lucky enough to have gotten VIP tickets. It meant not having to queue all day and in that weather it would have been awful (I don't do well with heat it gives me terrible headaches). We stood by the barriers on the VIP side however we chose to grab some food and stand in the shaded grandstand part. 

It was nice to enjoy my pulled pork burger with spicy coleslaw whilst watching all the action on the main stage. It was much better than being crammed into such a small space in that heat! 

Every act that came on before Taylor was fab and was fully deserving of a spot on that stage. Rae Morris didn't get enough support I don't think she has a fantastic voice with great songs and all people could focus on was her dancing. It angered me so much to think that people were judging her because of how she wanted to dance. Quite ironic when they supported Taylor who always has crazy dance moves because thats how the music makes her feel. Silly really and a shame to miss out on such talent! Nevertheless, I sung to along with her and I really enjoyed her set. I'd seen her perform when she was much smaller as an artist when she supported Noah and the Whale so it was really nice to see her grow as an artist. 

I was so happy to finally see Vance Joy live, he didn't disappoint. I have since added Georgia to my Spotify playlist as it was astounding to hear that live. My favourite song was 'Mess is Mine' so it was really nice to hear that live for the first time. 

John Newman was up next and although not my favourite artist he did put on a good show and I did know a few songs so we had a little boogie. I definitely used it to sit down and eat my food though ready for Ellie Goulding. 

OMG ELLIE GOULDING. She was fab. Definitely such a good act to see live she was electric. Her high energy was infectious and her voice sounds just as amazing as it does on her records. I was definitely singing along at the top of my voice. It was so lovely to hear her play 'Starry Eyed' as that was one of my favourite songs that I could not stop listening to!

Finally, Taylor came on stage and I was so excited. My wristband flashed in time with the beat and she was more amazing than I could have imagined. This was the first time I saw her live and it was truly magical. Every song was perfect and every outfit made my jaw drop in awe. Wow I wish I could pull off clothes like that. I was watching the stand in the middle and saw Andrea Swift leave a few times and hug fans that were eagerly waiting. I saw Taylor's guests walk through the crowd as they made their way to the stage. It was a good view from where we were. They walked straight through the VIP area- surreal! I'll be honest I did tear up a few times as I sung along to my favourite songs...I can't really say why. I think it was because it was crazy to think I was actually there. I'd wanted to see Taylor live for so long. I'd waited years to see her live and I was so upset when I couldn't go to her Speak Now Tour as my friend had booked tickets without me and then to top it off I spent the night of the concert revising for my french speaking exam. Luckily it went well...I was sad to miss out on seeing her.

That night Adeline and I spent it lounging in our Hilton Hotel room with a bottle of prosecco and room service, watching trashy TV (the best kind of night). 

We went to bed late and decided to set our alarm early to go down for breakfast. The Hilton put on this amazing buffet. I didn't know what to load my plate with first! 

I finally got to go to the Häagen Dazs Restaurant in Leicester Square as well. A whole menu of puddings?! Definitely my place to eat! It was gorgeous I wish I could have finished my pud! I ordered the belgian waffle dream. This has a warm belgian waffle with a scoop of Dulce de Leche and a scoop of pralines and cream and drizzled in hot butterscotch sauce. I was in heaven!

We spent the rest of our day wandering down to Piccadilly Circus and then eventually taking the tube to Covent Garden before going to Prezzo for dinner. Yes I have reviewed this place before and I honestly think it's one of my favourite places to eat. If you have a taste card with Natwest you get 241 on food! So definitely worth a visit! I ordered the Pollo Carbonara. It was to die for! It was baked in the oven and smothered in cheese. BEAUTIFUL! I would definitely recommend it!

We stayed at the Liverpool Street Travelodge again on Sunday night as we had our train home in the morning. We had breakfast at our new favourite place- Polo Bar before heading for the train. The train home was great and seemed to go fast. I had my last croissant on the train as well. Beautiful with jam and butter and 2 cups of tea. It was nice to relax after what had been a very busy weekend. My weekend away in London was definitely fab and I loved it! I can't wait to return with Luke later this month. Sorry this post was a little late I had a lot to write! Stay tuned for more posts! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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