Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday Favourites: Pandora Wish List

Hello Everyone! 

I have two pandora bracelets now and I have an ever growing wish list. I doubt I will end up adding these to my collection unfortunately, but a girl can dream!

1. 'Darling Daisy Meadow Openwork Charm' - £55.00

Pandora released it's new Rose Collection recently and there are some nice pieces in there, however out of the bunch this is my favourite. The white flowers look really pretty and dainty against the rose gold surround. I think this would look really pretty on my bracelet, definitely a contrast compared to some of the other pieces I have on my bracelet already.

2. 'Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball Charm' - £55.00

I really like this charm. It's collection of aqua, clear and green crystals make it my perfect charm. Green in my favourite colour but I love the fact that this charm has added aqua crystals as well as clear ones. I don't have many coloured charms on my bracelet so I think this will fit in nicely.

3. 'Tumbling Leaves Charm' - £60.00

I love the charms that have splashes of gold on them. They're appealing to the eye whilst not being too harsh on your purse! This beautiful tumbling leaves charm is dainty and delicate and would be the perfect addition to anyone's bracelet, especially if you have favoured the silver charms and fancy something a little different. £60.00 may seem like a hefty price tag but an investment for the good of your bracelet!

4. 'Green Pavé Inspiration Charm Spacer' - £30.00

One thing I have noticed a lack of on my bracelets particularly my new one is spacers, especially ones with colour. This small pavé charm is a great understated addition to any bracelet. I like the fact that it is small with a pop of colour so even if you're not a big lover of colour on your bracelets its not 'in your face'.

5. 'Birds and Branches Charm' - £60.00

This charm is similar to the tumbling leaves charm in that is has a hint of gold. I think it would be lovely paired with that charm on your bracelet. It is mainly silver with splashes of green and gold. I love the subtleness of this charm. It is still colourful without being an eye sore, hence why it would be able to be a good addition on most bracelets. Again £60.00 is quite a hefty price tag. I would always ask for more expensive charms as a birthday/Christmas present rather than buying it randomly. This enabled me to have more meaningful charms without breaking the bank.

6. 'Blooming Watering Can Charm' - £30.00

I will be honest I chose this particular charm simply for the cuteness factor. How sweet is it? I'm not a gardner by any means but I think the design of this dinky little watering can melts my heart! Definitely something I have longed to add to my bracelet for a while now! Again this is a charm that adds a splash of colour to your charm bracelet without being a bold eye sore!

7. 'Royal Carriage Charm' - £65.00

I am a huge fan of Disney and I particularly like this charm because it reminds me of so many well loved fairytales. It was my dream as a little girl to one day be a princess so even though I haven't yet become a princess (it could still happen) I would have a little piece of a fairytale on my wrist. Again £65.00 is a little pricey, but I think it's a fitting price tag for a small piece of a fairytale.

8. 'Tea Cup Charm' - £25.00

I won't spend too much time telling you why I love this charm. I LOVE TEA. Therefore a tea cup is the perfect addition to my ever growing charm collection. I am tea mad and this dinky tea cup is a symbol of who I am as a person. It's sweet and neutral enables it to fit in with most other charms colourful or not. At £25.00 it's a steal for a full sized charm when most full sized charms are £30.00.

9. 'Teapot Charm' - £40.00

Every tea cup needs a teapot in which to pour tea from! This perfect little charm is so sweet and has a vintage feel to it as does it's tea cup partner. It is mostly made out of silver but it does have a gold top which is a great addition to an already perfect charm. I would love to add this to my collection one day. Then I can have a tea time collection on my bracelet!

10. 'Cupcake Charm' - £40.00

The perfect pairing with a cup of tea. I love baking them and eating them! Again just another charm to showcase something about myself. I'm all for having a bracelet filled with charms of meaning, whether it be about myself or to signify an important event. This sweet cupcake deserves pride of place next to the tea cup and teapot!

Do you like any of the Pandora charms? If you do let me know which are your favourite I'd love to know!

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