Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Girly Weekend

In need of a quiet weekend I think because I'm ill writing this blog so think it's time for some downtime for old Meg. 

This weekend has been fab! I spent it with my favourites Jess, Megan and Zoe. We had a sleepover at my flat Friday where Megan being the good wife that she is made me some lovely chicken fajitas! We also sat and had a lovely chat in our pjs which was much needed after a pretty bad week in terms of emotions for me. Everyone has bad weeks though. Megan and Zoe then came back to my parents house so we could go out Saturday and meet up with Rais. We called it an early night as Megan wasn't really feeling great and the weather was awful so back to mine it was for a boozy pj party! Much better!

Going back to Halifax with my faves gave me time to do a spot of shopping which I really shouldn't have done but was much needed! I will write another blog showing the things I caved in and bought!

This week has made me realise that I need sometime to myself and need to give myself some space away from boys because they always let me down and whilst I'm stronger than I was to be able to handle it I feel that it's time I focused on myself. This coming week is all about motivation! Positive Megs bearing in mind it's only Sunday I haven't a clue what Monday will bring! 

My song for this week is: Electric Feel- MGMT. This is a classic and has wiggled it's way back into my music playlist. 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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