Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Anti-Valentines Day

The 14th February was spent with one of my best friends Jess. Surprisingly I didn't feel the usual 'forever alone' emotions that comes with the day of love. I was an excited happy chappy at the thought of a night in watching movies with a bottle of wine and some good food. Personally this is the best way to my heart.

After University Jess and I made our way to Asda in Derek (my car) with the thought of getting a curry for tea. By the time we got there and scouted around the aisles we decided to follow all the other couples and get a dine in meal for £10 from Asda's Extra Special Range. Jess and I are foodies who found it hard to pick just one dish of our choice. We were allowed to pick a main course, 2 sides and a pudding. After much deliberation we decided to go for Steak Diane, Dauphinoise potatoes, a green vegetable medley, and raspberry temptations (basically a sugar soaked sponge with vanilla mousse and raspberry topping with a white chocolate heart). We didn't really want this as our desert so I have to admit we did go and choose a Sticky Toffee Pudding instead and thought we'd have the other dessert later (fatties but do we care?) haha.

So it was back to mine with DVDs in tow, The Heat and Bachelorette, to cook the dinner and get in our pjs. The dinner was beautiful of course another good choice food wise by us! We then snuggled in on the sofa and laughed our way through The Heat. I saw this movie when it first came out in the cinema with Rais and I loved it then. Everytime I watch it it seems to get better! Probably one of those films that you can never get sick of! Our second film of the night was Bachelorette and we picked it for the cast. However it left much to be desired. It wasn't what I expected. Jess fell asleep halfway through! I wouldn't recommend this film there were a few jokes scattered around but nothing that made it worth a second viewing!

Sorry this is late! A lot has happened this weekend and week so far!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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