Monday, 22 June 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 16:

Hello Everyone!

It's that dreaded Monday again and the beginning of the week, however it is one I am really looking forward to! I have lots of exciting things to tell you. 

Last week I spent every day with Luke and it was weird sleeping on my own for the first time in a week on Saturday night (sad face). I really enjoyed spending the week together and I really hate that I probably won't get to see him much this week as we are both really busy.

Today I have been for an interview and I'm happy to say I have sorted my final year school placement and I can't wait to start. It is scary to think that this is my final year of my University degree, however I am excited to start with a class of my own.

It is also the week I go to London with Adeline to see Taylor Swift at Hyde Park! I leave on Friday so I am already trying to think of what I am going to pack since I am helping out at my previous placement school in Year 1.

I can't wait to explore London and eat some good food and hopefully drink some prosecco whilst I'm down there too! I will be posting lots of pictures on my instagram and tweeting whilst I'm down there so don't forget to click on the links below to make sure you're following me!

I'm also getting my hair done as well this Thursday which is long overdue because quite frankly it's getting out of hand! My ponytail is incredibly bushy!

So it's fair to say I have such a busy week ahead of me but one that I am excited for. The only thing missing is seeing Luke (sad face), but I can't complain because we have spent a lot of time together recently. I just wished we lived closer.

OH! I forgot to say I've bought my own house. More to come on this as we get closer to completion and I can take some photos of my own. I'm so so excited for this new adventure! Will definitely keep you all updated on this!

Hope you're all well! Enjoy your week!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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