Monday, 29 December 2014

Moody Monday's Volume 2

Moody Monday’s: Reflection

It’s coming up to NYE and I think I’m ready to reflect on 2014.

Like every other year it’s had highs and lows, but that’s normal right?

I finished my first year of University and have now started my second. I did well on my first placement for teaching. I have survived fall outs with friends. Seen a few gigs. Fallen in and out of love. Lost some friends on the way. Visited London and saw old friends. Visited Kent to see my grandparents and made many new friends. Seen a lot of farm animals and watched as my obsession and love for pigs grows and grows. Cried buckets of tears and laughed till I pulled tummy muscles. Ditched my New Year diet and ate my body weight in food!

Hmm...beginning to sound like Bridget Jones with the addition of pigs here!

I have a few regrets but I’m starting to realise that everything happens for a reason. Something good will come along when it is supposed to and you can’t rush into things.

I’ve also learnt to assess my relationships before jumping headfirst into one! I mean I don’t want history to repeat itself. If anything 2014 has given me some valued advice that I can carry into 2015. Hopefully I won’t be naive and I will learn from my mistakes.

Diets. They never work for me. I become obsessive and depressed with counting calories and getting down and worried about my body. This year I have accepted my body shape. First you must love yourself before you can be loved. I realised I loved eating food too much to think so much about what I eat. I’m not saying I am obese, I’m merely a curvy girl! I’m definitely not one of those girls who is going to go on a date and order a salad I assure you!

I have a few New Years Resolutions and I’ve decided that this year I will achieve them!

1.     I will make more of an effort to visit some friends at University. I’m mainly talking about my friend Hannah who is at Nottingham Trent University. I promised to see her, however things got hectic and I haven’t had the time. I know as soon as I get some free time I will drive over and see her (as soon as she returns to University that is). 

2. I will try and lose a bit of weight just because I want my tum to be flatter! Of course I'd want to start this in the New Year as I love eating Christmas food far too much! However this is not something I want to obsess over. This is my choice and if it starts making me unhappy I will stop.

3. Finally, be happy. Don't get down all the time and allow boys to get to you. I'm a strong girl and I shouldn't let guys fool me so easily!

Hope you're all looking forward to 2015 and reign in the New Year with friends and family! I'll either be celebrating with my best friend Megan or having a food and movie night with my brother and the dogs!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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