Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas update

Hello Bloggers! 

Ok ok ok so I didn't get round to posting a Friday favourites post, although I plan to make up for this now! Today my Dad and I braved the snow and travelled to Leeds to buy a MacBook Air. 


Yes I have wanted one for a while now and since my old laptop has been playing silly beggars I decided to use some of my savings to divulge in a treat. Everyone deserves a treat right? This is my first post I am writing with my new baby and so far I am beyond impressed!

I want to thank Hannah and Abz for putting up with my endless texts asking for help and advice I really appreciate it! 

In other news I received 'Girl Online' by Zoella for Christmas and I started reading it that evening around 10.30pm and by 4.30pm Boxing Day I had finished it. Fair to say that I am still a sucker for a teen love story that may never happen to me but a girl can dream! It also made me more determined to be more committed to my blog! I mean it is something I love and I should make more time for it so that is something I am going to do!

Armed with my new Mac I plan to write on my blog more often as this has made writing all the more fun and I have a feeling 2015 will be a good year for me (fingers crossed)! I deserve a bit of luck!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are looking forward to New Years Eve! Fair to say my Christmas was hectic and I have eaten FAR too much food! "Hello January diet!" 

What was your favourite gift and why?

Now I have to say I loved every present I got this year! However my baking books from my parents and grandparents were the icing on the cake (haha) simply because I never knew I wanted them but they really thought about my love for cooking. I am so excited to start cooking more often and taking these recipe books for a spin!

I shall end this post here this evening!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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